Best Heartbleed Checker Tool Online

Heart bleed checker tool online

Guide on how to check for Heatbleed attack by going through best Heartbleed checker tool online.

Heartbleed is a recent security bug in OpenSSL and also the biggest goof up of all time. This heartbleed bug has impacted many servers exploiting the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol and allowing attackers to gain access to any system. The bug is only limited to servers which are using only OpenSSL security systems.

OpenSSL is used by two third of websites on the web since it’s first instance on Monday, April 7th it has affected many sites.

Heartbleed Checker :

So that was all about Heartbleed, but how do you check whether site is affected with heartbleed or not? Are you a heartbleed vulnerable? The solution happens to be an early tool named as Heartbleed Checker released by Last Pass. Below in this guide check out how to check for Heartbleed vulnerability.

Check for Heartbleed Scanner

We checked it out for our site and we obtained the following results

Have you checked your site for heartbleed attack?

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