The best Technology for University Students

University students

When University students begin their studies, they require homey necessities to create a comfortable and beautiful living. Besides, they also need the best technology to ensure smooth learning. This article discusses the best current technology suitable for University students, together with buying tips from major retail outlets. For college students, the bare minimum is a laptop and a printer. Get more content on the best tech for university students from my custom essay.

Here are the tech gadgets that students will definitely need –


All students have varied needs and preferences when it comes to choosing a laptop. Therefore, the idea of the best laptop is subjective. The following is the favorite of several groups to help students make informed decisions when buying a computer. MateBook X Pro by Huawei: This laptop is an incredible machine with adequate storage and memory, a powerful processor, a high-resolution touchscreen, and a fingerprint scanner. You can check out our latest writing on the best laptops under 20K and 5 best gaming laptops.


When in need of a computer monitor for your home office or dormitory room, we have a variety of options. The categories to choose from include 4K monitor, big-screen, curved monitor, and small ones for small spaces.

Dell UltraSharp 27-inch LED monitor stands tall in the part of all monitors in the market.

External flash drives and hard drives

In the absence of cloud storage, portable storage technologies come in handy when students want to transfer data from one place to another. Storage technologies are also good for performing back up of your information from electronic devices. The best portable storage device is a 2TB hard drive by western digital elements. It provides USB 3.0 connectivity and high storage capacity.

Bluetooth speakers

The market is replete with many Bluetooth speakers to get one with excellent sound quality, and then you will have to deep more rooted in your wallet. Sonos Move, stand tall in all Bluetooth speakers. This speaker features support for the multi-room ecosystem, support for Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice control, excellent audio performance, and 10 hours of battery life.

Noise-canceling headphones

Noise-cancellation headphones prevent annoying ambient and wires sounds so that you can enjoy music devoid of tangled cords and distracting noise. Sony WH-100xM3 is the overall best Bluetooth speaker. It comes with good design and the best noise-cancellation performance in the market.

Charging cables, Surge protectors, and hubs

As a student, you will be in dire need of charging cables, surge protectors, and hubs to ensure all your devices get protection from voltage surges while you are charging. On this line, Anker PowerLine Lightning cable stands tall. It comes with fair pricing, fast charging technology, and sturdy design.

Battery Packs

When technology is prevalent, having a low battery on connected portable devices is the order of the day. With battery packs, low battery on devices should not worry users much. With advanced technology, we have battery packs capable of jump-starting a car, and their prices continue to drop. Elecject PowerPie is the best battery pack since it supports fast charge and inexpensive.

Best smartphones priced below $350

Currently, many budget segment smartphones in the market come with cool features, yet they are affordable. Amazon is one company that is dominating the budget phone market. Amazon offers this type of phone from small and big brands. One of the best budget phones is 64GB or 32GB Moto G6. This phone comes equipped with the Android operating system, a solid camera, and it is affordable.

Fitness smartwatches, wearables, and trackers

To avoid freshman 15 smartwatch, wearable, and a fitness tracker is a good option, and Apple watches series 3 is the best smartwatch for an iOS operating system. This watch features cutting-edge technology features, a modern smartwatch, and stylish design.

Smart Home Devices

As a college student, groom your apartment or dorm room with smart home devices. Philips Hue smart light bulb starter kit is the best smart light bulbs. This starter kit allows you to turn the light off and on with voice, change light colors, dim lights, and program lights.

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