Call Recording on Firefox OS Phones, Firefox Call Recorder – Possible or Not?

Firefox Call Recorder

Firefox Call Recorder – Call Recording on Firefox OS Phones – Possible or Not?

Whenever we have some or the other kind of phone in our hand which we are using to communicate, we come to certain point where we want to record calls which are going on. For example now that we have Firefox OS phones the latest question that we have in our minds is whether or not can we record ongoing calls on the phone? Well there is an answer to this too.

Firefox Call Recorder

Whether or not it gives you what you need is a different thing altogether though. What most of the web portals would say when it comes to Firefox OS Phones would be that it prohibits recording of calls. But then again there are certain places in the world where it may not be so and hence people might want to record certain calls for personal or professionals purposes. For them the hunt is still on. But what some people suggest is as mentioned –

Currently somehow this is not legally and originally possible, thru the makers of this item. Few engineers and experts have been working on it too. There is no apt app which is available for this. But then there are tech freaks who keep looking for things and there is something that they have found on media stream capture, with version 1.2+ and has to be referred to the given links for apps permission. One can look up there too and see if by any chance it proves to be helpful to them and till then all that they can do is wait.

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