Cars Can Be the Cause of Leakage of Personal Data: How to Prevent This

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If at any time in your life you have faced the need to sell your car for various reasons, whether it was buying a new vehicle of your dreams or because your vehicle is not suitable for family trips, then the first thing you thought about – how to sell it faster and at a higher price. Each owner thinks about where to find a buyer who can offer a great price, as well as what resources are best used to place an ad.

However, have you ever thought that your machine knows a lot more about you than you think? Probably not. If you can connect your phone to your vehicle, then your first concern should be that by selling your vehicle, you may also be selling a lot of information about yourself.

In addition, not only your car can become a threat. Even a rented car can pose a threat. Imagine that you are on vacation in the United Arab Emirates, using Bentley rental Dubai for a truly luxurious vacation. You can rent any car from a convertible to a supercar that is offered by car rental. Moreover, car rentals offer quite affordable prices so that everyone can feel the best possible driving emotions.

However, if you connect your phone to the car, it can collect all the information about you, which can then be used by other customers.

There are many developments of the event, but the result is the same – data leakage. In this article, we talk about how to protect yourself in such situations.

How to prevent Data Theft

If you still do not understand what this is fraught with, then, first of all, you can lose all your money if you have cards whose data is stored on your phone. In addition, your data may be sold to third parties who can use your identity for more serious crimes. In this regard, you must understand that the entire responsibility lies only with you. If you don’t take care to remove it, then you can only blame yourself later.

The following methods will help you prevent this:

Default Settings

The easiest way is to reset all functions and settings to those that were at the very beginning, that is, by default. Thus, the system itself will do so to get rid of any information about you. To do this, you need to review the instructions for your vehicle. If you don’t have it, then you can search the Internet for information, or contact the supplier directly, who should suggest what to do in this situation. Unfortunately, there is no full guarantee that you will be able to get rid of everything. There is a possibility that some of the information may remain, so, just in case, use other methods.

Route History

It would seem that the history of routes may not pose a particular threat. However, if you use the system every time to mark your stops, then the system contains more personal information about you than you think. At a minimum, the system knows where your home is and what time you are away.

Phone Pairing Information

You might think that the connection to your smartphone itself should be secure. However, this is not true. The system accesses your account. This may not be so dangerous, but if you haven’t deleted your route history, then the person who now owns the vehicle can track you down to get closer and reconnect with your smartphone, and then your data will be in danger.

Access to the House

If you live in a private house and you have a garage, then most likely you use the car’s system to raise the gate. Any information relating to your place of residence must be deleted. Just imagine that a third party knows the history of your routes and can also lift the garage door. You are simply opening the doors of your house to thieves and intruders.

Accounts in Applications

To use travel apps, you must create an account. That is, if you do not bother to log out, then you can provide access to your bank cards with which you make purchases. So after some time after the sale, you will be able to see how your cash vaporizes.


Every driver who connects their smartphone to the vehicle needs to think a little about what is behind it all. This is not only the convenience and comfort of driving but also the data collection that is carried out by the system. If you need to sell it or return it to the car rental, then you leave a huge loophole for attackers.

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