Coding Courses Lead to These Types of Jobs

Coding Courses

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Even Luddites understand that learning coding skills help people get jobs. Parents everywhere are eager for their kids to learn how to code so they don’t get left behind.

People know that learning how to write code leads to jobs. But the number of jobs, and the diversity in the kinds of jobs, may surprise you. Let’s take a closer look!

Video Game Programmer

Industry leaders offering weekly coding classes for kids revolve around how to create a video game. Framing the lessons around games helps motivate kids and teenagers to learn coding and the underlying mathematical concepts.

They also use gamification concepts in the lessons with small class sizes, so learning is as fun as playing! Kids start learning how to write code in Python to create a game resembling Pac-Man, but they go on to learn far more complex and powerful coding languages, like C# or C++.

Kids often discover their passion for video games by playing them, but experience creating and designing their own can set them off on a path to creating them professionally one day.

App Developer

Apps are extremely popular worldwide, and there’s pretty much an app for everything. Kids who learn to code can create their own apps that cater to their interests and passion.

Go it alone, forge your own path, and create a popular app. You can sell it privately or work for a company that develops apps. There are many routes within the world of apps you can take.

IT Specialists

Not all coding jobs take place on the frontlines of technological innovation. In fact, people in every industry have websites they use, so IT specialists have a major role to play in companies or organizations that have nothing to do with tech on the surface.

For example, nature lovers may decide to work for their city’s parks and recreation department or a conservatory. Foodies can work for a restaurant or catering company they enjoy. It’s nearly impossible to be a business or institution without a web presence, so the job opportunities for IT specialists and system managers are very diverse.

AI Coding Developer

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard lots of panicked chatter about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming for people’s jobs! Actually, programmers are already using AI to help solve coding problems and find solutions faster.

For example, GitHub, a coding assistant developed by Microsoft and OpenAI, can analyze the context of coding and anticipate what comes next. It may develop to play further roles, like debugging and code commenting.

Whatever the future of AI holds, it is, after all, the product of coding. Knowing how to code will help you look under the hood of AI, so you can interact with it rather than be alienated from it and at its mercy.

For years, coding has been a popular way for people to gain employable skills. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it leads you in a single direction, as there is a wide range of jobs available to people who know how to write code.

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