Things you Don’t Not Know Your Apple iPhone Could do (Infographic)

iPhone tips infographic

Apple iPhone has emerged as one product which is known by all. Within ten years, Apple has made ‘iPhone’ so popular that everyone in the household knows about it. The Cupertino tech giant has involved iPhone with the latest technology year by year. Here we go through few things which you don’t know Apple iPhone could do through an infographic.

Siri, the digital voice assistant has taken iPhone to a level that you can do most operations on your iPhone without touching the display. The Siri allows you to do the following things which you might don’t know –

  • Random Passwords: You can generate random password using Siri directly.
  • Get Reminder by Location using Siri.
  • Handle most operations without the requirement of touching the iPhone.

Undo Typing by Shaking the phone

Is there a typo error? If yes, then shake your phone to delete text. Simple and easy.

Default Quick Charge

Apple is yet to get quick charge facility, maybe that will be included in the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 or iPhone 9. Anyways, surprising thing is iPhone charges faster than Android counterparts and if you put iPhone in Airplane mode, it’s almost equal to fast charging.

Note: The above infographic is created by IOTransfer the best iPhone Manager.

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