Download Safari for Windows, Mac – PC Version

Safari for Windows

Safari is one among the most versatile web browser with OS X and iOS operating systems. It mainly focuses on your browsing experience and not the browser. It offers a superior web experience with a great performance. It’s one of the best browser around and is available free of cost.

Safari is not alike various browsers available today. Here you can see the scroll bar only when you need it. Instead of status bar, progress indicator starts as the page-loads. Full search history is available in this browser where you can search or find the previous visited sites with a great ease compared to the others.

Safari’s clear look will surely make your browsing experience much exciting. It is among the fastest web browser on any of the platforms. Organization of bookmarks is far easier here. Here you can easily get rid of pop-up ads. It provides an easy way to zoom in or zoom out in any particular part of the web page. Also you can scroll up or scroll down using only two of your fingers making your browsing experience far more natural.

Protecting your privacy makes your surfing much secure. It offers a special feature i.e., private browsing, where you can keep your surfing habits to yourself. Turning it on will stop keeping track on your search results, cookies and data. It will also stop storing your searches.

Overall, Safari is among the best browsing alternate available offering a wide range of features as well as functionality. Regarding the windows, the security feature and the browsing speed performance makes it the best browsing option compared to any available till the date.

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