In this article know how to Check if Internet Provider is Giving you Proposed Speed or Not.

Most of the Internet Service provider cheats on their customers. They often provide lower Internet speed than a plan that you have chosen. Until today I didn’t know about the reality of my Internet Provider which gave me a lower Internet speed. I have taken broadband services from ACT Fibernet formerly Beam Telecom Pvt Ltd. It’s one of the leading Internet service providers in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Their Internet plans are attractive enough to lure customers but when I checked my broadband Speed, I was shocked to see a lower download speed than the plan I chose.

I have chosen 40 MBPS plan and it costs me just over $10 per month. Yesterday late night I was bored and I choose to spend my time watching a movie on Hostar Premium. The movie was good but my Internet speed didn’t allow me to stream the movie in HD. The quality shifted vice-versa from 720p HD and 480p. The overall movie experience wasn’t that great because I wasn’t able to watch the full movie in HD and it’s my Internet Service to blame. So, the question arises, how to check your Internet speed and know what you get for what you are paying.

I visited to check my broadband speed and I was able to get the accurate results. I know that apart from that website there are several other Internet speed providers too but what I like the most about them is the Latency speed and also the download speed stability.

How to Check your Internet Speed

To check your incoming Internet speed, you don’t need software on your PC, doesn’t matter you have Windows or Linux/Ubuntu PC or ChromeOS laptop/PC. Just follow the 5 simple steps mentioned below –

  1. Connect your computer directly to your modem.Modem to PC
  2. Run the test with not more than one device connected directly to your modem. Use Ethernet connection to measure the accurate speed.
  3. Remove any switches or routers or hubs between your modem and the computer.
  4. Visit any of the speed check website online. I visited you can even visit which is also another known provider.
  5. Click on Begin to begin the process. Hardly within a minute or two, the results will be displayed.

Here are my results –

Internet SpeedCheck

Not just that, there are also other Internet Speed Check service providers too, which are –

Apart from your Internet download and upload speed, these websites provide other details relating to your broadband provider. They provide details like –

  • Latency
  • Your IP Address
  • Your Service Provider name and details
  • Upload Latency and Transmission speed
  • Download Latency and Transmission speed

So, that’s how you can check if your Internet Provider is giving you proposed speed or not and as of now, after drafting this article, I have to contact my broadband provider customer care to get the right speed.