How to get Free Followers on Instagram 2024

Free Followers on Instagram

The truth is that a few years ago I did not give much importance to how to get followers on Instagram or my personal brand there. It seemed to me a social network that I was not going to give much use to, and what’s more, I had my profile configured with the option of keeping my photos private with some family photos that I didn’t want anyone to see. However, nowadays, Instagram is not just a social app. It is somewhere you can make your business if you have enough followers and likes. However, the question is how to get lots of free Instagram followers?

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It took me a while to see that Instagram is here to stay and that it was going to be one of the most important social networks as statistics show. And it is also true that a while ago I had not taken the liking or the vibes from this social network, but as soon as I saw the grace I began to like it more and more. Today I really like it.

The point is that it started to attract more attention to me, to want to know more about how it works, what it was that made some users get many followers, and, above all, how it could be profited at the business level, not only for my personal brand.

So I started trying things on this social network, doing experiments, and applying everything I saw, read or discovered on the subject, using my Instagram profile as a guinea pig. I love doing these things for learning and the wealth of information I discover. It was not magic, I will explain how to get followers on Instagram based on my own experience:

How to schedule posts on Instagram?

This is a feature that is not available in the Instagram mobile application, and if you want to have it you will have to use a third-party application.

Some tools for scheduling Instagram posts are:

Schedugram: with these tools, you can manage your account with a desktop application and schedule publications, and it also has something that is very interesting for agencies, which allows you to manage multiple Instagram accounts. This tool, like any good self-respecting tool, is not free, it costs from $ 20 a month.

TakeOff: I have already talked about it in the previous point. It is free and you can manage it from your mobile phone.

Latergram: available for mobile phones, it is free to register and then it charges you a monthly fee, and with it, you can schedule publications but, like TakeOff, it alerts you to do it yourself.

Use of hashtags

As silly as it may seem at first I did not put a miserable hashtag on any of my photos, because I was also not aware of the difference it makes to post with or without hashtags on Instagram.

One day talking to a friend about engagement and comparing who had the most engagement in their posts (freaks things that we do sometimes do), he said “sure, I have more engagement than you because I use many popular hashtags”.

Did a hashtag really affect that much? I had a hard time believing it. The reason is that there are bots that like photos that use a certain hashtag, tools that monitor them, and that obviously, there are also brands and people monitoring them, and that increases the number of likes (not too much, but something yes).

The amount of hashtags that we should use is not a determining factor, I think. There are studies that say that it is best to post 1 to 4 hashtags and never exceed 5, while others say that 11 is the amount that works best.

There are tops with the 100 most popular hashtags and there are websites such as TagsForLikes that tell you what hashtags you can use on your photos to get more likes, although I am not very in favor of using them.

Most used filters

This social network in which the visual has a great impact, filters play an important role. One of the ones that I like the most is Valencia, and apparently it is also one of the most used.

I personally when I go to upload a photo I try to use common sense and let myself be carried away by my photographic criteria (which is probably null) and curiously I almost always use the same filters.

But a good strategy is to use the filters that other people use the most. If they have chosen it for their photos, your photos in which you use those filters are probably more likely to like it. Remember, more likes, more comments, more dissemination, more followers.

What content attracts free Instagram followers and likes?

The part I like so much about this social network is the one that allows brands to show a more human and private side, which at the same time is a closer side for their audience and that connects more. I think it is a good channel to take into account in any content marketing strategy.

Being able to upload photos or short videos makes the possibilities immense, imagination to power.

In my case, I like to upload images with motivational and inspirational text. I know, there’s a lot of that so what? I like it, I have been doing it for a long time, it works for me and I prefer to send a more positive message to the world than a complaint message.

Apart from saving my photos on Google Photos, I share many personal photos (although never family, it is one of my rules) with places where I go, places I travel, gifts or books that they send me, photos from a professional photoshoot, photos with friends, and things from my day to day.

Join some good plan to get more followers and likes

There are a great plan where Instagram users gather to follow and like each other, such as an app named GetInsta. A lot of Instagram users have got much free Instagram followers and free Instagram likes. The important thing is they are real Instagram users so you do not need to worry about your Instagram account to get banned.

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