How to Overcome Cloud Computing Security Threats: Tips and Tricks

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Even the cloud has its short-comings, and cloud computing that was supposed to protect you, can cause so much irreparable damage to your company. Thankfully, this damage is repairable!

The rapid growth of cloud users over the last 2-3 years has led to the possibility of serious cloud computing security threats. Considering the cloud’s massive potential for growth, what is the middle ground? How can IT managers and the companies they oversee be spared of drastic cloud problems?

Here are 5 tricks/tips to overcome cloud computing security challenges:

1. Employee Education/Training

Your employees might be well-educated about their primary roles, but if you would incorporate the cloud into your day-to-day operations, then your employees need to know about the cloud and proper defense practices on it, there is a significantly reduced risk of getting your company into a cloud security rut.

It would be a sign of error to focus these education and training sessions on certain employees (e.g. of a certain rank) at the expense of others, instead, a proven wiser approach would be to involve everyone within the workforce on proper cloud security practices, at their individual levels.

Allow your employees know that if there is a breach/potential breach, it can be reported through set measures, as this encourages them to speak out before things get out of hand.

2. A Data Backup Plan is Essential

I know how scary this sounds, but in the eventually that data is permanently lost on the cloud, what’s your back up plan? To sue to cloud?

I guess my point is that it would be very wise of you to have a secure data backup in case there’s any problem with the cloud eventually. Even wiser would be the decision to distribute data and applications by IT managers across several zones, thereby adding up several layers of protection and complying by world’s best data practices in terms of backup, storage, and recovery of said data.

3. Only Trusted Folks Should Have Access to Your Data

It is very important to keep a tab on who has access to your data. AWS courses help you learn more about data safety and protection.

Proactivity, providing security measures to ensure that your data is protected, and which can be monitored (even on a smartphone, miles away), can be destroyed by one person having access to the data.

4. Data Encryption

Cloud encryption is an undeniable way of ensuring security against cloud computing threats. With cloud encryption, data and text are transformed via the use of encryption algorithms, before the data then goes into the cloud. This encryption can be done at the network’s edge, to ensure movement of data in the cloud is well protected, and once encryption of the data is done, you need to keep the keys that encrypt and decipher your data. This genius idea ensures that even if your data is stored on a third-party provider, all request pass through you. Taking an AWS certification course can help you understand more about data encryption.

5. Passwords are the lifeblood of data security

Your data, before being stored away in the cloud- when passing through different phases, will be saved and encrypted with passwords. Your passwords must be chosen very wisely! The emergence of advanced hardware and software means very few passwords are now safe, as quite a lot can be cracked on the first try in about 90% of cases with this advanced software. Some businesses like online class help with most of their store in the cloud, need stronger passwords and data security.

Besides, they have to come up with unique passwords for important things like their data, and not just some old password previously used. This will help to deter hackers and make their data safer.

Wrapping Up

Cloud computing has its own threats of safety. Doing your best to navigate through this can be the differentiator between winning and losing in the cloud.

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