How to Play Unsupported Media Files, Formats on Phone

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Many times it happens that you find media files unsupported format in your phone? What should you do in such conditions? Well, it is essential to be familiar with the basic causes why does it occur. On your Smartphone, the files which are saved as .mvk or .avi possibly could not be supported.

Know about the Codecs

Codec is a contraction of coder and decoder. Whenever you shoot or make any video file or make record of an audio file, it takes up to a very large size about several 100’s of GB. So, a Blu-Ray categorized movie takes up a space of 50 GB.  Hence, to make these files more convenient for Android sets, you have to compress these file by using Codecs which causes some trouncing in the picture quality. The codec should be there in the App-Media player to play the media files. A range of popular codecs are DivX, Xvid, and H264 etc.

Know about containers

Containers like .mov, .avi, .mvk are a kind of envelope or casing that may enfold the media files which are compressed by a coder. Also it encloses the compressed codec files. A fine quality of container holds within the number of variety of codec.

The organization of the file is illustrated by the container; it executes various parts of media files to administrate which part goes where and when to play the file. This is essential for the reason that the codec of video does not apprehends itself with the audio file and hence, you require enclosing that what information goes where to made sync up the both.

Why files are not supported by Android

The same codec which compressed either video or audio files that is present in the media file should be present there in your player too. So, to play the files of different formats like .avi, .mov you can install the codec or can move to another media player. Thus, in the Android sets move on to another player is the better option.

Suggested Players For –

In general MX Player is must have app on your Android phone supporting most the players and by adding custom Codec to it you can play most of the files. Still if the video is unplayable, then try out other players.

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