How to Send APK, PDF Files on WhatsApp

Send APK, PDF Files on WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus the widely used Instant messaging platform.

WhatsApp a property of Facebook. is one of the widely used cross-platform messaging app which killed the normal carrier-based SMS system. However, there are limited features available on and it does disappoint in many regions. Recently the company launched a Free Calling facility but the areas for improvement still remain.

Send PDF Files on WhatsApp

You can send pictures. photos and videos but you can’t send APK. PDF, ZIP, PPT, APK. IPA, Notepad, XLS, Word document, and any other document on WhatsApp. Officially you can’t but here is the trick to share PDF. APK and ZIP files via WhatsApp. For this, you have to read carefully the below-listed instructions.

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Until now the process was not possible on WhatsApp and people have to rely on the email system for transferring the APK. PDF or other files to devices nearby. Before you actually proceed you will need to have an Android device running 2.2 Froyo and higher version and also ft 0000X, CloudSend app installed on your phone. Download those from Play Store.

Share APK, PDF on WhatsApp

Follow the process mentioned below to share APK or PDF files on WhatsApp Messenger:

  • Open CloudSend App and you will be asked to set up the account.
  • CloudSend will further ask you to link with your Dropbox account. Do it.
  • The Setup is now completed and it’s a one-time setup on your phone.

That was the setup process. If you want to send files, follow the process mentioned below —

  • Search for the files which you want to share.
  • Long Press on the files and then choose the Share option.
  • Now select Share it with CloudSend.
  • Now CloudSend will upload files to Dropbox.
  • When the upload process is completed.
  • You will get a notification along with sharing a link.
  • The processing time depends on the file that you are uploading and the Internet connection speed.
  • Press the notification and you will see the option of ‘Share File Link Via” and then choose WhatsApp.

That’s how you can share PDF. APK and ZIP files via WhatsApp.

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