How to take Screenshot on Cricket Magic 5G Phone

Cricket Magic 5G

In this  Cricket Magic 5G  user guide, we’ll learn how to take screenshots.

It’s important to understand how the phone works after buying it, one doesn’t know what a smartphone is capable of doing unless he understands it, just as many hidden features such as hotspot sharing, double-tap power off, Sensory gestures, and more.

Taking a screenshot is a vital feature of a smartphone, it helps you to save data, share important numbers, send a receipt after online transactions, and many more uses.

Let’s see how to take screenshots on the Cricket Magic 5G Phone.

Before we get into this let’s first understand what the three keys given on the side of the phone are for.

The single button on the side of the phone is the Power button key is used to power on and off the device, it is located in the middle. Then comes the volume key placed just above the power key, the upward key of the volume is used to increase volume, and the downward key is used to decrease the volume.

Now, to take a screenshot follow these guidelines:

  • Place the phone in your hand, and hold the decrease volume button and the power button together almost together, press the Volume Down key slightly before the Power button together.
  • Hold the keys for 2-3 seconds.
  • After holding, you will see a flash on your phone screen. The flash indicates a screenshot has been taken.
  • Now the screenshot has been taken, scroll down the notification bar to check the screenshot. If it is cleared from the notification bar, open your gallery or pictures to check the screenshot.
  • You can share the screenshot from the gallery.

So this was a guide on how to take screenshots on Cricket Magic 5G mobile phone.

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