How to enable Hotspot on Cricket Magic 5G Phone

Cricket Magic 5G

In this article, we’ll learn how to Enable Hotspot on Cricket Magic 5G mobile phone.

It’s important to understand how the phone works after buying it, one doesn’t know what a smartphone is capable of doing unless he understands it, just as many hidden features such as hotspot sharing, double-tap power off, Sensory gestures, screenshots, and more.

Hotspot or Mobile Data Sharing on Cricket Magic 5G:

The hotspot feature has many uses such as sharing the internet with your friends to play the same game together, helping in an emergency if someone’s mobile data is not working, helping the other person to surf the internet, and more. For Cricket Magic 5G, you should have a valid mobile data sharing plan and if you have then only you can share mobile data with other devices nearby.

Let’s see how to enable a hotspot on the Cricket Magic 5G Phone.

Now, follow these guidelines:

  • Power on the phone, Open Settings, and then go to the Network & Internet option
  • Open the Hotspot & tethering and tap on the hotspot
  • Turn on the hotspot, and further down you will see your hotspot name which will appear on another device, which you can change, and a hotspot password.
  • If you want you can turn off the security and make it an open network without a password.
  • Settings->network & internet-> Hotspot & tethering-> Turn on Hotspot.

So this was a guide on how to enable Hotspot on Cricket Magic 5G mobile phone. Make sure to check for the data caps or data consumption while watching or playing videos.

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