Keeping Your Important Files Safe and How Data Recovery Software Will Save Your Day

Today, the computer plays an important role in people’s daily life. There are many important files in relatively enormous size could be saved on the device. Considering the importance of the device to save your data, protecting the files stored should be your priority.

Find out the easy and simple tips to help you keep your important data safe on your computer.

How to Protect Your Important Files

According to, a study has found that as much as 80% of the raw scientific data collected by researchers in the early 1990s is gone forever, mostly because no one knows where to find it.

Before losing your important files, it will better to take prevention actions. If they have taken precautions, the data wouldn’t have been lost. That’s why it’s said prevention is better than cure.

Here are some tips to help you avoid losing your data so that you don’t have to regret it at a later stage –

  1. Back Up Your Files Regularly

There is no better way to prevent the losing data than regularly back up your important files. This is because you are often required to wipe your computer completely and then reinstalling the programs when the device is attacked by viruses. In this way, backing up the data is the best prevention action to take.

  1. Using External Hard Drive

The external hard drive could become a savior when you lose data on your computer device. The tool can be utilized to save backup copies contained your important files. In addition, external hard drives are relatively sturdy.

They are also portable that you can bring them anywhere you go and access your files whenever you need them.

  1. Use Cloud to Store Your Files

Another thing you can do to keep your files safe is using a cloud to store them. This tool is becoming popular in recent years due to its ability to protect digital files. The cloud will require you to use HTTP and change your password regularly. There are several players in the cloud storage. You can check out Android cloud storage apps.

  1. Have a Control Access

You also need to have control access to your files. This can help you to avoid physical damage might occur to your backup system and computer. Make sure that you consider the location of your computer device and do not hesitate to invest in a waterproof and fireproof to protect the device.

  1. Encrypt the Hard Drive

Last but not least is encrypt your hard drive. The encrypted data will really give you peace of mind. There is some software that can help you to encrypt your files include BitLocker, DiskCryptor, and TrueCrypt.

The encryption should also be applied for any backup files that include thumb and external drives. You can also add the encryption to your email as well as Microsoft office to avoid the losing data.

The Best Software for Data Recovery to Pick

To prepare yourself for the worst scenario in which you lose the important files you have carefully protected, you will need professional help to put things on the right track. A data recovery software is something you need to recover data from the computer and any storage device you have.

Obviously, there many options of data recovery software that you can find out there, both for free and paid one. However, there are only a few of them that really can meet your need and one of them is iSkysoft data recovery software. There are many reasons to make this software should be the first choice for those who lost their important data.

The iSkysoft data recovery is supported with many useful features to allow the users to get their removed files back. the features provided by the iSkysoft data recovery software include deleted files recovery, formatted disk recovery, all-around recovery, virus attack data recovery, external devices recovery, lost partition recovery, recovery recycle bin, and system data crash recovery.

In this way, this data recovery software can help you to recover any data based on your specific situation.


It is no doubt that the best way to avoid deleted files is by protecting them. You can use the tips mentioned above to make sure that the data you store is safe. But, if a bad scenario happens and you lose the data, there is no better way than using iSkysoft data recovery software. The program for data retrieval is supported with advanced technology to meet your need and specific situation. In addition, the iSkysoft data recovery also comes with the ability to recover data from the computer and any storage device easier and quicker. The iSkysoft Toolbox will be a precious assistant to allow you to get back your important files.

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