JIC Case for iPhone Can Record Calls On the Go

Until now to record iPhone calls we need Internet/Data connection and most importantly it’s never free. Even though you pay for the services, the quality of voice call recorded are just up to the mark. Throwing a shot at iPhone call recording is the new Indiegogo campaign named JIC – Just in Case, world’s first iPhone rear case which can record calls. It will be priced at just $29 but requires $30,000 in crowd-funding to get the production started. Record iPhone Calls

Apart from protecting your smartphone by acting as back cover made from durable plastic and silicone, the JIC can record without the second party notification/knowledge. This is definitely ideal for business calls, student assistance and for all those important calls from landlord, boss or anyone.

The great thing about JIC is that – it’s an independent accessory to your iPhone, so you can remove it whenever you want. If you want to record calls, you need to Press the Record button on the case. The JIC case is compatible with iPhone 5S and there after devices. Here are all the options that you get on the JIC case –

JIC Specifications

  • Weight : 1.75 Oz
  • Dimensions: 5.7 inch x 2.79 inch
  • Built-in microphone: omni directional microphone
  • Recording modes: MP3 (.mp3/mono)
  • Recording time (2 GB memory card): minimum 20 hours
  • Speaker type: built-in rectangular speaker
  • Speaker dimensions: 11 x 15 x 3.5 mm
  • Acoustic frequency response: 300 – 15,000 Hz
  • Speaker output power: 500 – 1000 mW

Source: Indiegogo

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