5 Latest Smartphone Technologies of 2021 and their Benefits

2020 is definitely the year of technological advancements in mobile phones, courtesy of smartphone giants like Samsung, LG, Apple, Google and more. The latest smartphones from these brands offer an array of sophisticated innovations such as enhanced Augmented Reality, under-screen sensors, 5G network, tough screens, triple cameras, and fully waterproof handsets.

Popular models including the latest Vivo smartphone and Oppo smartphone, strive to integrate the latest technologies and offer it at an affordable price without compromising the quality.

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Before you proceed to buy your favorite smartphone on EMIs, understand the benefits offered by the latest technology.

Multiple camera sensors

The older smartphone models had a dual-camera set-up that boasted of rear sensors. These mostly supported the wide-angle lens and helped when you clicked objects at a distance. The latest phones flaunt multiple new-age sensors that allow you to indulge in low-light photography. Moreover, today phones have multiple rear cameras and this framework along with multiple sensors merge various facets of photography and support popular features including low-light photography and portrait bokeh effect.

Most camera phones today allow you to click DSLR-quality photos. The sensors enhance your photography experience, allowing you to click every detail with more clarity. With the folded periscope and telephoto lenses, you can enjoy better zoom without the help of digital scaling and cropping. Some examples of smartphones equipped with triple or more rear cameras include Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and OnePlus 7 Pro.

Enhanced AI

The latest smartphones are known to integrate artificial intelligence into their processor chips. With this technology, your phone can identify the type of photographs you want to click, the location you are in, your browsing history, and much more.

Most brands, in order to further customize the AI technology on offer, gives you access to smart assistants. These assistants like Siri, Google Assistant are capable of recognizing objects and voices. Moreover, they can alert you anytime you want them to and will instantly help you find a restaurant close to you, show timings for a film, a recipe, and much more.

On-screen Sensors

Phones equipped with on-screen sensors do not require a front camera or fingerprint readers for biometric identification. They have these two features in-built on the screen. Since these smartphones can circumvent front camera and fingerprint readers, they offer an immersive viewing experience, free of any distractions and bezels.

While these mobile phones look incredibly appealing, the manufacturers or brands also ensure that you enjoy the utmost security on these devices.

Wireless Charging

Phones that support wireless charging are convenient, as you can charge your device by placing it over the charger, without having to plug it in. You do not have to deal with cords or have to carry cumbersome chargers wherever you go.

Apple iPhone 11 is one of the latest phones that support wireless charging. All you have to do is put it on any of the Qi-certified chargers and charge your phone hassle-free!

Waterproof Smartphones

Fully waterproof phones are a blessing and this feature shields your phone against damages owing to an extended period of exposure to water or any liquid. For example, Apple iPhone 11 Pro will be functional even if you drop it in a pool or any water body with a depth of up to 4 meters for 30 minutes! This technology is extremely beneficial for adventure lovers and if you like to trek or go scuba diving, you can rest assured that no damage will be brought on to your device.

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