How To Maintain A New Looking Cellphone

Hands up. How many of you are guilty of dropping your phone on the floor? Most of you, we’re sure. So many people have scratched screens, scuffed corners, or have phones that barely turn on anymore.

We bet you update your phone more often than is necessary. You could be saving yourself a lot of money with a few hacks to keep that phone looking brand spanking new for as long as possible. We’re here to help!

How to Look After That Screen

With the amount that you touch your phone, it’s no wonder the screen can get filthy very quickly. Add a toddler into the mix and it probably looks quite yucky. Make sure you use some rubbing alcohol on a cloth to give that screen a clean once in a while. 

And how do you keep it from getting scratched? Easy. You can find protectors easily anywhere on the web. Now you have no excuses to own a phone where you can’t even read your messages due to excessive scratching.

mobile phone screen

And How About the Case?

Your phone gets knocked off the table or falls out your pocket onto the hard floor. This can cause some serious scuffing making your phone look old and battered. We suggest you opt for some of the cool modern cases that are now on offer for phones. 

You can find anything these days from pretty designs, cute cartoon characters, or even a sleek stainless steel case. Don’t let the case lose its shininess either. To keep that steel looking its best make sure you invest in some passivation, as explained on this site

Use Some Modern Display Settings

You may like to have your favorite singer or sports star as your background. But we think that’s kind of dated now. We say go for a savvy modern design that’ll make your phone look clean and looked after, instead of like a teenagers bedroom wall. Keep it looking simple and minimalistic to optimize the new appearance.

It’s Not All About the Exterior

To keep that phone at its full potential make sure you take care of the battery as much as the outside. Do you leave your phone on charge while you sleep? Big mistake. Overcharging that battery can damage it and lower its lifespan by a lot. 

Experts now suggest that you keep your phone between 20% and 90% to use it to its full potential. Turning down screen brightness and managing which apps waste the battery with further add to making last as long as possible.

Before You Head to the Store For a New Phone…

See if you can give it a makeover using our tips. And if not, buy a new one. But, put into practice these methods to make it last longer and keep it looking like it just came out of the box. You’ll be saving yourself time and money in the long run. Plus it’ll be worth more if you want to sell it in the future.

Yogesh Patel: Yogesh Khetani is a famous Tech Blogger who loves to be surrounded by tech gadgets. So obviously, we can see his contribution here in that field. He also contributes to Now I am Updated website.