Non-Search Products that have made Google Successful

Google success

Google, the company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998 has gone on to become one of the biggest digital success stories in the world. And it has achieved its success in a very short space of time. But what exactly is it? To the uninitiated, it is just a search engine and a portal that helps you find the answers to the things that you are looking for. And this is true, it is as a search engine that it established its brand appeal and became a major player in the global tech space. But Google is so much more.

In case you were not quite sure what it does, or how it does it, here are some of the other aspects of the Google business that have helped turn it into the giant that it is today.


Google collects information about users and uses this information for marketing services. This is achieved thanks to many incredible advertising solutions. Products such as DoubleClick For Publishers, AdWords and AdX are Google solutions that meet different needs.

They are tools that ensure that everyone can pay for advertising on the site (from the smallest blog to the largest players in the world), and they are a means to ensure that anyone who wants to advertise a product or service can do it at the best price. In fact, technology is so important to digital monetization space that Google ads management and search engine specialists have become key positions in many companies.

If you want to see the number of jobs on the labour market in Sydney for example, then try to search  Google for “SEO Sydney” or better “SEO work in Sydney.”

Watch that

One of the biggest Google products on the market today is YouTube the popular video streaming service. Admittedly Google did not build this platform from the ground up, but they took it and turned it into something massive.

Now far and away the biggest video service in the world, many youngsters, if asked what they want to be when they grow up, will respond with the answer, “I want to be a Youtuber.”

In short, YouTube is not just an entertainment channel, it is also a revenue earner for many, and it is the platform that launched the careers of people like Justin Bieber and others.

Don’t get lost

When the idea of Google Maps wads first mooted many people thought it was a crazy idea. But such is the vision and ambition of the company that it wasn’t long before every street in the world had been mapped and had GPS coordinates created.

The scale of the project was enormous, but off the back of it we now navigate the world seamlessly and simply without the need for map books or asking for directions. Google Maps is also the product that underpins service like Uber and many others.

Analysis is important

For anyone who wants to know details about their website, Google Analytics is the answer. By dropping a simple tag on a website, you can tell who has visited, how many pages have been viewed, what route a user took to get to the site, where they went afterwards and a whole lot more on top of that. Understanding users is key to publishing success and Google make this possible, easily and for free!

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