Is OnePlus 6 Waterproof? Does it have IP Certification?

OnePlus 6 Waterproof

Is OnePlus 6 Waterproof? Does it have IP Certification or anything which can withstand water or rain? Let’s check out.

OnePlus 6 has finally arrived and there are mixed reactions from the tech experts. According to Engadget, it’s a bigger step to near perfect phone and TrustedReviews says that it’s a contender for the phone of the year. However, there are certain things which OnePlus team which needs to work on is the after sale support.

Leaving all the OnePlus 6 reviews apart, let’s get on to the topic of discussion here, which is, is OnePlus 6 waterproof phone?

OnePlus 6 Waterproof

Is OnePlus 6 waterproof or water-resistant? That’s the question that every OnePlus 6 buyers are asking before hitting on the ‘Buy Now Button’. Its jaw-dropping price might trap you but you should be aware of what you are getting from a $500 smartphone. That doubt comes because every flagship phone now comes with water-resistant ratings.

Here, I, Yogesh Khetani will show you some of the guys who did experiments with the OnePlus 6 smartphone and what OnePlus team has to say about OnePlus 6 water-resistant body.

What OnePlus Says?

Officially going through the OnePlus 6 tech specs, there isn’t any mention of OP6 being a waterproof phone and they are clear enough not to mention any IP certification ratings.

So, that is clear indication that OnePlus 6 can withstand a drop of rain but couldn’t get an IP certification rating. Further, the company warns users that you shouldn’t carry it while you go out for a swim.

So, that’s a clear message. So let’s check out YouTube videos on OnePlus 6 water resistant rest.

OnePlus 6 Waterproof Test

Matthew Moniz has a done a video on his YouTube Channel. He inserted the device in water for 30 seconds, then 5 minutes, all good but the trouble did start when it was inserted into a water of depth 1 meter for 30 minutes.

There was some water damage on the device when it was inserted for 30 minutes inside the water of 1-meter depth. Things were opening randomly. Definitely, there is some feeling of water inside the device.

Here is the video:

Isn’t that enough? Let’s go and check out other users who has done OnePlus 6 under camera test.

Here is one more:


Is the OnePlus 6 water resistant?

Answer: It isn’t fully.

Maybe even a little waterproof?

Answer: Yes it can withstand a spill of water or a drop of rain.

It doesn’t have an official IP Rating.

Answer: No, it doesn’t have any IP ratings. OnePlus team clear says that.

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