Private Messenger: Manage and Protect your Chats!

Private Messenger

Would you like your correspondence with friends and relatives to be securely protected and no one would get access to the transferred files? Then you need to start using a private messenger!

Fortunately, some messengers can protect every received and transmitted message within the network. Unfortunately WhatsApp has become the preferred messaging app for many and it has also become an easy target for attackers & hackers.

Which instant messengers can you use? Here are the top 6 best private messengers.

Private messenger: Top 6 tools!


Utopia is an ecosystem built on the principles of decentralization. The data is not stored on the common server. Instead, Utopia uses peer-to-peer architecture and creates an individual data storehouse for each user.

Utopia works in anonymous mode. During the registration, a person doesn’t need to enter his data and declare his identity. Instead, the ecosystem generates a personal key. Using this key, the person can open his data storage.

Some functional tools are available for each client: uMessenger, uWallet, uMail, and Idyll Browser. When using tools, all data is encrypted by Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES, which are responsible not only for protection but also for data storage.

The system is available on all operating systems. Also, Utopia has the ability to switch to Hybrid Mode.


Among the useful features of Dust that make correspondence safer, it is the automatic deletion of messages from the sender’s and recipient’s smartphones 24 hours after they are created. Dust is translated not only as “dust” or “dirt”, but also as “wash, clean”.

There is also an option to delete messages immediately after receiving a read notification. It is activated in the messenger settings.

Download Dust messaging app


Messenger, designed to get rid of attacks like “Man in the Middle“(MITH), provides ordinary users with a “government” level of security. In such attacks, the app intercepts and retransmits messages, and if necessary, changes the communication between the parties. Also, messengers often store data in a decentralized database that is not easy to attack.

Using Cryptviser, clients can exchange between each other the useful and confidential information and don’t afraid that the data will be stolen by the third-parties.

Download the Crypviser messaging app


In this messenger, IPFS is used in conjunction with P2P messaging technology. The decentralized platform makes “Man in the Middle” attacks impossible.

In E-Chat, you can create channels. Also, the messenger allows clients to reward popular users, such as bloggers, for their content.

Another important feature is contactless payments with NFC and QR codes. In personal messages, you can transfer Fiat and cryptocurrency. There is a built-in cryptocurrency Converter.

To access the messenger, you can set up biometric authentication. The system supports the updated functions of fingerprint scanning and face recognition. If the user wants to start using the wallet, a special private key can open access to it.

Download E-Chat Android app


Messenger works in a very unusual way: it combines all messenger users who are 200 steps away from each other into one network via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It doesn’t need a regular Internet connection.

The messenger has E2EE synchronization. When you exit the app, you can import keys to be able to decrypt messages later. You can restrict the ability to send encrypted messages – they will only be sent to users whose fingerprints are verified.

The interface of the app is extremely non-obvious, especially if you consider the unusual way of communication. And there are not many situations when such a program can be useful.


Golden Frog develops this messenger. Of course, its creators promise not to store user-related metadata on their servers and call their app zero-knowledge.

Still, despite these assurances, something will be stored on the server before the recipient receives the message. Messages are encrypted using 256-bit symmetric encryption.

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The messenger has support for group E2EE chats. The message will be sent only if all the interlocutors are online.

If you want to protect your personal files from the third-parties, try to use one of the above messengers and forget about threats!

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