How to get Back I got Supplies in PUBG Again

PUBG I Got Supplies

In this guide check out how to get back “I got Supplies” in PUBG again.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is the world’s best action game, be it on PC or mobile. It has completely redefined the action game industry with marvelous graphics. All thanks to BlueHole, a South Korean company. Recently, with an update on February 21 weighing around 435 MB, there were some changes. It brought up a new event mode which includes a Zombie attack at the night. But sadly, it removed “I got supplies” from the default Quick chat and that’s troubling users. Here in this exclusive guide by Yogesh Khetani on, I will be going through a guide on how to get back “I got supplies” in PUBG again.

I got Supplies in PUBG

PUBG players want the best settings available on their device. This is where you need to go to Settings.

We have also gone through an exclusive guide to do it.

Here you go –

  • Open PUBG app on your mobile.
  • Then head to Quick Chat as seen on many Settings options.
  • Your PUBG screen will be now divided into two parts – The messages you have currently (i.e., the default messages and available messages)
  • Now you will see several chat options available.
  • On the left window, you will see “Discussions“.
  • Under discussions, you will find the option of “I got Supplies“. Tap on it.
  • Now from the left window on your screen, select Change. You can remove or add new, there are few empty slots left.
  • Save your settings.

Now, during the playback, you will get back this option, just like you had it previously.

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