Best Samsung Non Android Phones

Check out the top Best Samsung Non-Android Phones available online on Amazon, Best Buy, and other sellers in the US.

Samsung Electronics Co., the leader in Android smartphone OEM is against Apple based not only on coming out with Android-powered smartphones but also they have decent sale record for non-Android smartphones. Here through the list, we go through the best-selling Samsung non-Android phones available in the market.

Samsung non Android Phones

Samsung Non-Android Phones

What can you think of other than Android on Samsung smartphones? They definitely don’t offer iOS smartphones, to list we have smartphones powered with proprietary Tizen OS and Java OS. And how can I forget Windows Phone OS?

Samsung Z2

As a successor to Samsung Z3 the Tizen operating system powered Samsung Z2 was launched in many countries worldwide. Powered with 4 4-inch HD display it’s powered with quad-core SoC coupled with 1 Gig of RAM and 1500 mAh battery.



Samsung Guru FM Plus

The Guru series from Samsung is famous when it comes to featured phones and the newly launched Guru FM Plus SM-B110 E/D. Coming out with a textured finish on the back, LED light, dual SIM support, this phone is available at Rs 1600 in India.

Buy Samsung Guru FM Plus SM-B110 E/D

Samsung Guru Music 2

Successor to Guru Music, the Guru Music 2 is a featured phone.


Samsung Windows Phone

2012 launched Samsung Omnia M S7530 is the only Samsung Windows phone to date. The sale of this smartphone has been officially stopped. So that means that there is no Samsung Windows phone available in the market officially.

If this is available, then buy it from Amazon.

So those were some of the popular Samsung smartphones when it comes to the non-Android category.

You can view phone specifications and compare them with other mobiles at Samsung’s new phones. Just select the device and then click on “Compare” to add another product/phone.

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