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Sprint Wego Phone

Providing a child with his or her very first phone is not as easy as it sounds. Believe me there is a long list that needs to be taken into consideration so that everything stays on the right course. While the handsets enable the kids to stay connected and in contact with the parents, the cell phones at the same time might contain certain features which may be deemed inappropriate by the parents for the children. Also the risks associated with these things may turn out to be quite high.

Sprint Wego


With a view to get rid of the particular problem, the WeGo has been launched by Sprint, which happens to be an amazing starter phone for the children which comes for a mere $120 and is specially meant for the children who are aged in between five to twelve. It is designed with features that are exemplary for a phone so cheap and is quite durable. It can endure a drop even from 12 foot and is water resistant. The device has been endowed with a button for center select and the volume rocker which can be employed for scrolling menu items up and down. Up top there is a tethered string which, when pulled, will actively send out a panic alarm and also a text will be forwarded to the guardians.

The handset also exercises parental control and they can restrict the number of callers and persons as of whom the children can text or call and the messages that can be texted via the phone. There are in all 50 template messages which includes messages like “I am not feeling well”, I am with dad” and other such messages.

In addition there is the GPS locators which will let you know the exact location of your child and also has a feature of calling 911. It is endowed with a resolution display of 128×128 pixels and a processor of 192 MHz and a battery of 900 mAh. You can learn more about it on Sprint official page.

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