How to Submit an App to Firefox Marketplace


Mozilla is inventing the Open Web Apps format which is a HTML5 based app format that is used by Firefox Marketplace. Firefox Market apps can be installed easily from desktop Firefox and Firefox for android.

What do you need?

Before submitting an app to the Firefox Marketplace, we need to follow the procedure given below:

  • Firstly, we need a manifest file for an app which contains information that a Web browser needs to interact with an app. It also contains the origin of the app, icons and the permissions required by the app among other things. Information related to App Manifest must be checked.
  • Secondly, a packaged app with the manifest in the root should be put into a zip file.
  • Once the app is ready, arrange it for web hosting.
  • In the case of packaged apps web hosting is not required and after that we can publish the app by making it available for end users to install. For more information related to the same, check out Publishing the app.

How to start?

  • When the app is ready, we need to select the option (Submit an app) for submitting it. For more information, check out Submit an app.

Steps to follow

  • For submitting an app to the Firefox Marketplace, we need to log in to the (Firefox Marketplace site).
  • Then, we can enter the entire information about the app and also set pricing, payment and refund options.


  • Firstly, we need to visit (Firefox Marketplace site) in a web browser. At the bottom of the page, click Developer Hub and then at the top of the page, click Login/Register link to open a login window.
  • Then we can login with Mozilla Persona with the email address we want to use and click sign in.
  • If we haven’t used Persona or we want to use a different email address, then we need to create an account and log in to the Marketplace Developer Hub.
  • This will close the Persona window and we will logged in to the Marketplace Developer Hub

Enter app related details

  • After entering the site, we need to click the Submit an App button, review the Developer Agreement and click Agree and Continue.
  • The next thing we have to do is, choose whether the app that we are using will be a Free or Paid app.
  • Then we have to select the devices to which your app will be compatible with and provide the location of your app.
  • If the app we are using is a hosted app, the location on our server of the app manifest needs to be entered and validated. If the validation of the app manifest happens, click continue or else we have to correct them and re-validate the manifest.
  • If the app we are using is a packaged app then we need to click the packaged tab and upload the selected zip file. The package will upload automatically and if the app validates, click Continue or else we have to correct them and re-upload the package.
  • Further, we can add up the required details of our app and continue.
  • We should make a note of: brief summary, category, privacy policies, device types and a screenshot are the required fields while a homepage, support email and support site are highly recommended.
  • Then we can continue to the next section if the app we are using is a paid app or else if it is a free app we can skip the (after you submit the app) option.

After the app has been submitted

  • Before the app is made available to the public, it will go through a review process to ensure that it is friendly and of high quality and not malicious.
  • To view the status of your app in review process, you can make use of the Manage Status page.
  • In case, if you want to hide the app from users, we can make use of Disable App.
  • If we want to remove the app from Firefox Marketplace, we can make use of Delete App.

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