Top 5 Gadgets to Improve College Paper Writing

College Paper Writing

The least favorite thing to do for many college students is writing college papers. This is a little unfortunate because these papers contribute to a lot of their grade. Fortunately, thanks to the changes in technology, it is now possible to organize ideas and write college essays less stressfully than before. The developers of the applications do it because they want to simplify tasks which have been done manually and also improve accuracy in academics. Take a look at the five must have gadgets that will help you whether you are a student, or you want to become a paper writer.


One of the biggest issues that students have to deal with when they are going through college is the glare which comes off the computer screens as they work. With time, this continuous staring at a bright screen causes dryness of the eyes and pain. PaperLike is an application that displays on-screen information just like paper. With this technology, it is possible to write long documents just like you would paper, and you will not have to deal with complications from the harsh backlight that comes from the computer screen.


This is one of the most advanced keyboard technologies out there. The Keybo turns any flat surface into a keyboard. The technology uses visual laser projection and allows the user to customize settings such as the language they want their keyboard in and the layout. This means that if you are a professional essay and dissertation writer, you can write your papers anytime and anywhere.

Another amazing feature of the keyboard is that it comes with a Lithium battery which can stay charged for more than 20 hours, which allows you to take your dissertation projects to any location that you want.

The battery also allows you to get into an energy saving mode, which makes it easy to switch from active to passive use and save on the battery. The little gadget is compact and light, which allows you to carry it in your backpack and anywhere that you need to go.

Laptop Lock

Another amazing gadget whose use you may want to adopt as a budding dissertation writer is the laptop lock. This allows you to lock down your laptop physically and prevent any other person from taking away projects which you have worked hard to put together for years.

The lock is designed in a manner to allow you to chain your laptop to a physically immobile object. For instance, you could choose to have it locked down onto a library table, or another item that cannot move.

The idea is to make sure that your laptop and the valuable data in it, do not get lost in the hands of the few unscrupulous individuals who steal laptops and other important academic gadgets on campus.


Research is the most important part of researching and writing any paper. There are many bookstores and e-Libraries which claim to have the best collection of academic books. Unfortunately, not all of them are as efficient as kindle when it comes to the supply of reading material. Kindle is currently the biggest collection of books and other fictional and non-fictional writing material on the planet. The wonderful things about getting a Kindle is that it will be like the cheapest portable library that you have ever invested in the gadgets are very affordable and come stocked with Amazon books.

Even more interesting is the fact that these eBook readers allow you to download the softcopy version of the novels without having hundreds of bucks on it, which is usually the case when you go for the hard copy.

Another amazing reason to get a Kindle is how easy it will be to access the books and other reading material. Normally, when you order for a book on other online stores, you have to wait a number of days, most of the times, even a week to have it delivered. The Kindle device avails the book minutes after you request for it, eliminating delays in the research process.

Moleskin Smart writing Set

This is for the students and researchers who prefer to take notes the old school way, with pen and paper. The amazing thing about the gadget is that you will take your notes using the hands, as per your convenience, but at the same time, you will not miss the opportunity to have the notes stored in a digital format. The small handheld gadget is created in such a manner that anything that you write is stored just as it is. The gadget allows you to make annotations, and even transcribe words into some form of digital text. They are available in a number of colors, and will serve the digital writer as efficiently as they will the curious toddler.

These are just five of the gadgets that can help ease your life as an academic writing expert. There are hundreds of others in the market. Others are software which allows you to check your papers for grammar and plagiarism. There is even software which simplifies the process which you follow when doing your citations and creating a bibliography for the paper. The best thing to do as a member of a term paper service team is to always research on the tools and gadgets which simplify your operations. Keep testing the new gadgets as they get into the market and eventually, you will have a good number of them that will ease your work.


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