How to Transfer Contacts from Windows Phone to Android

Transfer Contacts from Windows Phone to Android

In this guide check out How to Transfer Contacts from Windows Phone to Android.

If you have got a new Android phone in place of an existing Windows mobile, you will be definitely worried about transferring contacts into the new handset. Of course, the process for transferring contacts from Windows to Android requires a sophisticated process to be followed which may require a PC but there are a few apps to serve your intended purpose.

Contacts from Windows Phone to Android

One of the most reliable, user-friendly and authentic apps for this task is PhoneSwappr App which offers you convenient and easy user interface.

PhoneSwappr Features

  • It allows the user to keep contacts on Cloud for the next 7 days, ready to be transferred to any location.
  • This app gives you the facility of rapid installation on multiple devices so that sharing and transferring contacts between any two mobile handsets become easier for the user.
  • You should feel free to transfer your contact list to iPhone or Android from Windows and even vice versa process can be accomplished with success.
  • One of the greatest benefits of this app installation is that you will never be asked for Sign Up or registration process.
  • You will be provided with a secure encryption key for all your contacts for enhanced downloads and transfer safety.

Transfer contacts to Windows from Android

  1. At the start, you are required to download & install PhoneSwappr app on both Windows and Android phones.
  2. Open this app in your older phone from which contacts are to be transferred. You will see the option ‘Send Contacts to Cloud’ on the home screen which should be selected now. This step will upload all your contacts to Cloud and will provide you with security PIN or key which must be pinned down.
  3. After this, you should open PhoneSwappr on your new phone and choose the option of ‘Get Contacts from the Cloud’.
  4. Now, simply enter the PIN noted earlier and wait for the process of getting contacts into the new phone to be completed.
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This process is as much easier as you have found it here! PhoneSwappr tool is completely free to be used.

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