We all know that WhatsApp Plus is the advanced version of WhatsApp. Although unofficial it has been widely used by many because of limiting WhatsApp features.WhatsApp+

WhatsApp Plus is updated almost every third or the fourth day and whenever there is a new update available, we recommend you to update with latest build. Each WhatsApp Plus version brings few improvements and features from its previous version and in this guide we show you how you can update to latest WhatsApp Plus version whenever available.

Update WhatsApp Plus

Follow the process mentioned below –

  • Open WhatsApp Plus and whenever there is a new update you will see notification on your device. This looks something like this -
  • Depending upon your choice, you have three different options.
  • I would suggest you to tap on Update Now. Update WhatsApp Plus
  • Your latest WhatsApp Plus version will be now downloaded along with showing the total size and path where the APK is available.Update WhatsApp Plus
  • Once downloaded, it will ask whether you want to upgrade to latest version.
  • Follow the on screen process.
  • If installed perfectly, WhatsApp Plus will close automatically.Update WhatsApp Plus
  • After sometime open WhatsApp+ and you will see notification on what is included in the latest version build.
  • Tap on OK to use it normally.

For an overview of all the WhatsApp Plus version, check WhatsApp Plus Version History.