Why Using a Website Names Generator Can Make Or Break Your Business

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Are you choose a website name for your business? There are several factors need to be considered when you’re choosing a name for your business’ website. If you know what type of names you’re looking, you can use a website names generator to complete this task quickly.

Domain Names and Names Generators

Whether you’re launching an e-commerce site for your existing business or a startup, you need to focus on picking a suitable domain name.

What’s In a Name?

Always make sure that the name you’re picking for your website is appropriate and suited to your business. Don’t pick something irrelevant in the process of finding a quirky or creative name. Your website name must identify with your business and reflect what it’s all about.

  • It Should Be Short and Crisp: You might want to call your shop a fancy name like Ye Old Riverside Antiques. But, it’s not a good name for an ecommerce site. For one, it’s too long. You should always try to keep your URLs short. Don’t combine more than two words or at the most, three. Experts also advise a 15-letter limit for your domain name.
  • It Should be Meaningful: The fancy name mentioned earlier does convey meaning and even the ambiance. However, it might work better for a physical store rather than for an online store. So, you could think up some other names like The Antique Spot, or Antiques Corner., or Old Treasures that are more suited for the online store.
  • It Must Not Resemble an Established Brand Name: When you thinking of website names, make sure that you don’t end up using a name that’s already taken. Other well-established websites may have similar sounding names. Avoid having such similarities that could land you in legal trouble later.
  • Look for Visual Impact: Does the name you’ve picked paint a picture in your mind? For instance, names like Say It With Flowers, Tots and Toys, Wags and Purrs all conjure relevant visuals in your mind. Research studies prove that humans recall visuals more than words or sounds.
  • Plan for the Future: If you choose a name like Winter Town Flower Shop, it’s confining on various fronts. You’re limiting yourself to just one location and one product. Amazon started out as an online bookseller, but they didn’t call themselves The Online Bookshop or Amazon Bookworld. Think big and plan for future changes and expansion.

Use Domain Names Generators

A Domain name or website names generators help you find catchy names for your website. There are random names generators and keyword-based names generators. The random names generator just picks a random word or words and suggests names. These can be short and unique, but often don’t have a clear meaning.

The more common type of generator is the keyword-based names generators. You type in a keyword relevant to your business in the text box and click the search button. The tool will then list out possible names along with extensions.

Why Use a Names Generator?

These tools make the task of finding a good website name quick and easy. Choosing a website name on your own can be a tedious task.

You will have to come up with many potential names, and then go over to a domain registrar to check if any of those names are available with the desired top-level-domain.

Benefits of Using Names Generators

  • Speedy result: You will get a list of potential domain names within seconds.
  • Available: The suggestions will only contain domain names that are available and not those that are in use.
  • Plenty of Choices: You will get a suggestion of available extensions (TLDs) for your keyword. You will also get suggestions of similar word combinations along with available TLDs.
  • Unique & Prominent: You can always opt for several alternatives to ensure that your brand stays unique.

Some domain names generators also list premium domains available for sale. These are pre-registered domain names that the owner is willing to sell, for a price higher than the market rate. The seller may also have built up SEO value for the domain name. If you have the funds, you can consider buying these premium domains.

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In effect, domain names generators will help find unique names for your website- names that can fulfill the criteria for ideal domain names. So, once you pick up a set of keywords that are highly relevant to your business, go ahead and enter them into domain names generators. Within a few minutes, you could register a domain name, and start setting up your website.

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