What is the Dark Net? Should You Access it?

Dark web

In today’s digital world, almost every business runs on the Internet. Not just businesses, but many government sectors have been shifted on web platforms. You can now access different government departments, can file an online complaint, and get an instant response and much more.

Apart from this, you can also purchase things online and can even transfer or receive money from one person to another. To keep your online activities secured and safe, Dark Net was invented. In this article, you would learn the actual meaning of this term “Dark Net” along with its pros and cons. Let’s collect some more information about this term.

What is the Dark Net?

Dark Net or Dark Web is nothing but a part of the Internet which requires special system configuration and software to access. We all make use of different types of social networks and search engines to search for things on the web. The search results show us the websites which are open for all without any restrictions.

However, there are some websites and web pages which are kept hidden from the normal users. These websites are specially designed for the specific number of users and for that reason, they are kept hidden. The part of the Internet where such hidden websites reside is called Dark Web.

Dark Web is also known as a hub for the secured websites with encrypted URLs. The websites you surf on the dark web are completely secured and you can surf them anonymously without access its data. Your IP address and other trackable information kept hidden while exploring the dark web. It provides enhanced security of your system.

If you are completely unaware about stepping into the dark web, then here’s how you can start surfing the dark web on your PC system.

Let’s get on to the details now!

How to Surf Dark Net Securely?

Access to the darknet is pretty straightforward and anyone can easily start using it with simple instructions. Tor browser is the main gateway of surfing the dark net on the web. This browser routs the connections between the users and the Internet which keeps your activities and IP address hidden.

You can use the Tor Network with a number of different ways but the most effective and simplest way of access it by using the Tor Browser. You can also access it by using a reliable VPN network who can open access for you for the dark net. You can browse the Internet normally with the VPN. Apart from this, you can also have access to highly secured websites which is a part of the dark web.

Once you are connected to the dark web, you will have to search for the URLs to explore manually. It is a bit time consuming process as the Dark Web’s URLs are kept on changing and there’s no way to remember them. Dark Web’s URLs are frequently changing, many of the URLs you want to access might be dead. You can access such websites only from trusted sources and URLs.

Advantages of the Dark Web

Use the web world anonymously

The best advantage of using the dark web is to surf the Internet anonymously. Yes, you don’t have to show off your system’s IP address or your personal information and the current location to the other users. Your IP address, location etc. will be completely hidden from normal users.

Hidden Search Results

Some of the websites or URLs on the web are not indexed by Google. Many website owners don’t want their URLs to scrawl up by Google. By using the dark web, you can access the websites which are not indexed by Google.

Buy things anonymously

You can surf all types of websites using the dark web anonymously. If you want to purchase something from an e-commerce site, you can simply use the dark web to start ordering things only without submitting your personal information.

Access Restricted Websites

Dark web acts as a VPN where you can also unblock geo-restrictions from the websites. You can access the restricted websites by enabling the dark web on your system.

While access the dark web, you can also keep your IP address, current location and personal information hidden. It enhances your security over the web.

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Final Words:

Dark Web is indeed a great way to find out the non-indexed URLs and to surf the web world anonymously. There are many third-party software presents on the market with which you can have full access of the dark web. Alternatively, you can also use the Tor browser to access the dark web on a respective PC for free.

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