Apple Watch 2017 To be Thinner, Thanks to ‘One Glass Solution’ – Apple Watch S

Apple Watch 2

Apple has plans to release Apple Watch 2017 with OGS display.

First planned for March 21 release, didn’t show up at fall event, the Apple Watch 2 has been pushed to maybe April 2017 or even later. The Apple Watch successor has been in rumors for a long time now and as per the leaks until now, we definitely will have the better tech specifications, it will be 40% thinner than the original Apple Watch and few reports also suggests that it will bring on the ‘3D Touch‘. Today a new report from Digitimes points out that the Cupertino based iPhone maker is looking to make second generation of Apple Watch to be thinner.

Apple Watch 2 to be Thinner

Already with 10.5 mm, the Apple Watch has been certainly thinner than other popular smartwatches out there in the market, but with Apple Watch 2 the main focus is on making the product lighter, thinner and flexible. One way of achieving slim thickness is by decreasing the battery size but that’s not the actual solution. Without compromising on battery, the Watch 2 will adopt a new ‘one glass solution’. Through this, it will have just one layer of glass instead of layers as found on Apple Watch. Now this gives rise to one glass OLED display panels which are much thinner than OLED displays. [Read more]

It will be Apple Watch S

Earlier report from KGI Securities chief Ming-Chi Kuo, who is the most accurate Apply analyst till date says that the refreshing smartwatch from Cupertino based iPhone maker will be named as “Apple Watch S“.

As per him, the Kuo predicts that Apple Watch S will be coming out with a brand new redesigned casing and a new hardware specs, although no information on the specifications were released. Apple just doesn’t want a mere Apple Watch successor but to make a better product which will help Apple to become a popular brand in wearable technology.

Now coming to the “S” addition to the name, the 2017 release might be known as Apple Watch 2S and the suffix has to do something with battery life or wireless charging or maybe it’s a random name pick because it has to be something or the other.

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