How to Download Free Apps, Games on Firefox OS Phones & Tablets

Firefox Marketplace

In this guide check out how you can access Firefox Marketplace to download free, paid apps, widgets and games on your Firefox OS phones & tablets.

Got a new Firefox OS phone? Congratulations! Looking to download apps to enjoy your phone to the fullest? But how to download apps, widgets and games on Firefox powered phones?We have come up with this article to guide you through.

Just like Play Store for Android phones, App Store for iOS devices, Firefox has introduced Firefox Marketplace wherein you can find apps. Firefox marketplace, probably one of the best place to find, search, tries and downloads application from the web. It is a place where one can find all the kinds of contents that matters a lot by connecting with the web. Firefox marketplace is non proprietor which is online. For web application, this marketplace is an open marketplace. This marketplace is built by using HTML 5 tools and languages and other kinds of technology.

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The Firefox marketplace application behaves in the same ways as the native applications. These applications can be used in almost every device and in multiple platforms also. Finding favorite application in the marketplace is quite simple and easy.

Download Free Apps, Games on Firefox Phones

Accessing the marketplace on Android device is not very difficult. It involves a very simple as well as an easy process. There are basically some steps for accessing the marketplace, which are extremely simple. And just by following these steps, one can easily and simply access the Firefox marketplace in an Android phones. Here is the method or the procedure of accessing the marketplace from an Android phones or from Android device;

The very first thing to do in order to access the marketplace from the Android device is to launch the Firefox. After launching the Firefox, navigate Firefox marketplace sites.

The biggest question that arises here is to how to navigate the marketplace sites. Basically, there are two methods that are offered by the marketplace in order to find the application by the users. The first way or the first method is to search for new application and the other method or the way that is used by the user to find the application is to browse the application. Here is the detailed description of these two methods;

  • For the search of desired application, the following steps should be followed;
    • In the first step, tap the magnifying glass in the home page and the names of the keywords that one wants to search should be written.
    • Type the keyword that is to be searched at the top in any other page also in the screen.

After these steps, the search option allows the user o explore or to search the desired application on the web.

  • The second method to navigate the marketplace is browsing. In this method, one can browse the application that is available on the store and choose or select the application of their choice.

Alternatives for Accessing the Marketplace

There are other alternatives also for accessing the Firefox marketplace. Launch Firefox and follow these steps;

  • In mobile phone, press or click the menu button.
  • Select Apps.
  • Tap the right icon which is on the top.

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