Best AMP WordPress Plugin

Best AMP WordPress Plugin: The need for faster loading mobile pages is on high as Google is stressing webmasters to optimize a website for mobile devices. After responsive layout, need for faster loading website on mobile is in high demand and several AMP plugins have come up in the recent past. We go through 5 Best AMP plugins to get faster loading mobile pages. Use them early to get the best advantage.
Best AMP WordPress Plugin

Best AMP WordPress Plugin

AMP simply means Accelerated Mobile Pages. With the launch of AMP plugin for WordPress, you can now easily make your site faster and serve customers who are on slow 2G/3G connection on their mobile devices.

The following are the best AMP plugins for WordPress blogs –

1AMP Plugin by Automattic

Best AMP WordPress Plugin

If you follow plugins authors then you might know that Automattic is a famous team which has come up with several helpful plugins. Remember JetPack, the world’s best WordPress plugin, it’s made by Automattic. They have come up with yet another revolution in WordPress history as they have made AMP Plugin. It’s with more than 100,000+ installs.

The AMP is a result of open source project to deliver mobile optimized content. Currently, on we are using it and it has resulted in 10% to 15% increase in traffic from mobile devices.


  • Speeds up your website
  • AMP pages are indexed by Google
  • Nice clean design


Sadly there isn’t any support of ads on AMP pages. That’s a major drawback but support for ads is coming up in the next version roll out.

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