The Five Best Note Taking Services for Computer Users

Best note taking apps

In the digital age, technology has changed everything about how life and business are handled. Regardless of if you are a corporate professional, study, blue-collar worker, or someone else, it’s almost guaranteed that technology has somehow impacted daily life. For better or worse, technology is here to stay which is why all users of technology should recognize that adapting is easier than resisting the widespread change.

Starting small with this adaptation is the best way to ensure the process goes smoothly, and there is no better starting point than with something as simple as note taking. Everybody needs notes at some point in their life and learning some of the best platforms for note taking on modern technology can streamline a person’s daily tasks. To that end, outlined in this article are five of the best digital note-taking services for people of all ages to consider.

The Importance of Note Taking

With the digital age becoming more and more prevalent, some people may be wondering why taking notes in the first place is even necessary. However, it has been proven multiple times that note taking has numerous benefits including improved focus and attention to detail, boosted comprehension, improved organizational skills, improved creativity, and more.

5 of the Best Note Taking Platforms to Utilize

One of the hardest tasks in regard to note taking is actually settling on a platform to use. There are many options to consider, but the following five are among the best to keep in mind:

Apple Notes

In some cases, the basics are the best. Apple Notes is an intuitive platform that all Mac and MacBook users can take advantage of. With various features ranging from adding images, making checklists, or even being able to scan documents, the Notes app can help to ensure you never miss anything in your daily life.


Notion is a unique platform in that it offers far more than just note taking capabilities, making it ideal for those who need a note-taking, calendar tracking, task tracking, and a general life-planning system all wrapped into one. Developed by Notion Labs Inc., this platform features a slew of organizational tools that anyone can take advantage of.


Evernote is an extremely powerful note-taking and scheduling platform that is a rival to Notion. The basic version is completely free for individuals, but the entire suite of services offered that bolster note-taking include web clipping, pre-made note templates, handwriting search, notes sync, PDF and e-document search capabilities, and more.

Microsoft OneNote

Similar to Apple Notes, Microsoft OneNote is an intuitive platform available to all Microsoft users. This service allows for the creation of “notebooks” with sub-pages where various notes can be stored. For those who use other Microsoft 365 applications, such as Outlook, calendar syncing, and other features are available.

Bear Notes

When considering the best way to take notes on Mac, bear notes is certainly an option to consider. This platform is meant to be a simple Markdown notes software platform that allows a user to capture, write, and organize their life while taking the fluff out of modern productivity apps.

Three Note Taking Techniques to Try

While knowing what platform to use for note taking is one thing, understanding how to take effective notes is another. To that end, use the following three note taking techniques to elevate your game:

  • The Cornell Method: The Cornell Method is a simple way of taking notes and involves using the “Five R’s” of note-taking: record, reduce, recite, reflect, and review.
  • The Outline or Bullet Point Method: For those who prefer quick and high-level notes, use the bullet point method to only capture the most important parts of what you are listening to or reading.
  • The Map Method: Finally, the map method involves matching concepts and facts to larger concepts and facts in the midst of taking notes. This enhances concentration and comprehension of a topic while it is being learned, as opposed to afterward.

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The Bottom Line

Regardless of who you are, note-taking is extremely important at all ages. With pen and paper on the way out the door amidst the digital age, though, ensuring you still have a reliable platform for taking notes is extremely important. Each of the above platforms can help a person ensure they have everything they need in order to stay on top of their daily life through succinct notes.

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