How to Cancel Cricket Wireless Subscription

Cricket Wireless

Guide on How to Cancel Cricket Wireless Subscription easily.

If you are moving to a different MVNO or network then it’s called porting and if you want to fully cancel your mobile number on Cricket Wireless.

Worried about how to cancel? How the remaining balance to be paid will be calculated?

Follow the process mentioned below.

Cancel Cricket Wireless

In order to cancel Cricket subscription then you need to dial the customer care number and then tell them directly.

They will be asking you for the reason and they will also offer some offers and savings. You can just decline them.

Within a few minutes, your subscription would end and you will not be charged further on.

Before its fully cancelled you need to pay the remaining balance amount which is based on pro data basis i.e., charges based on the days the service is used.

Within a few days, your subscription would be canceled if you have paid the remaining balance with them.

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So that’s how you can cancel Cricket Wireless service or subscription.

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