Everything You Need to Know About the Micro-Drones Project

We’ve come a long way when it comes to technology. There’s no doubt that our lives have significantly improved because of it. Devices and gadgets made a lot of human tasks easier like communication, infrastructure development, productivity, and lifestyle among many others. And now, we have commercially available drones that are emerging and continuing to advance.

What Are Micro Drones?

Drones are those unmanned flying vehicles that a lot of people usually use for fun like aerial photography and filmmaking. Microdrones are just tinier versions of those. While microdrones can become revolutionary technology, they also pose a lot of threats to humanity.

Take a look at the negative and positive sides microdrones can bring:

The Bad

  1. Can Be Weaponized

Hacking microdrones are entirely possible and using it as weapons is the biggest threat. Since it’s technology, any experienced hacker can take control of microdrones. If the hacker happens to be an evil genius, that person can use it for evil ways. Microdrones can carry viruses, poisonous chemical agents, and even nuclear weapons.

A person who has a grudge on someone can easily kill his enemies by using microdrones. Two microdrones attacked President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela by detonating explosives near him. It happened in 2018, and it’s possible to happen again to anyone else.

  1. Can Be Used for Spying and Trespassing

Since microdrones are tiny, they can easily slip into small holes and cracks. Perverts and people who want sensitive information can get a peep or get footage of anything they want to see or hear without too many problems.

So, if you ever own microdrones use it for good and make sure that you avoid cyber security mistakes to prevent the worst from happening.

  1. Can Interfere with Aviation

If the bad guy doesn’t want to be too obvious in his attack on his enemy, he can use the drone to kill them and a hundred other innocent people indirectly. Microdrones can unleash explosives on a moving airplane or helicopter. If not an explosive, it can bring damage to the engines and cause the air vehicle to malfunction and crash.

  1. Can Be Used for Smuggling Drugs

Microdrones are being developed to have wasp-like abilities regarding carrying capacity. Wasps can carry prey that is too large for them by using their winches, microspines, and gecko grippers. Those characteristics are incorporated into microdrones to enable them to bear heavy loads.

The Good

  1. Provide First Aid Response

Calamities and natural disasters are something that we can’t truly avoid. The force of nature can’t be stopped, and we can only adapt to whatever it may bring. Microdrones can quickly reach disaster sites and deploy first aid to the people trapped in hard to reach areas.

Microdrones can also examine the site and search everywhere for survivors. If needed, the microdrones can bring those people with emergency tools that can help better their chances at survival.

  1. Can be Used for Mapping

When you own a large piece of land, it’s hard to view the entire area unless you’re near an elevated land which you can climb. But even climbing seems like a troublesome task. You can use microdrones for mapping to get an aerial view of let’s say your farmland and get field data.

You can also use microdrones to capture which parts of your field need more fertilizer and whatnot. You can monitor the location of your animals and save time in trying to find them by foot or even tractor.

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  1. For Additional Security

The worst microdrones can do, is kill someone, but the good news is you can also use those for protection. You can deploy microdrones to provide surveillance. When there are suspicious activities going on or suspicious people lurking around, you can locate where they are and do appropriate action.

  1. Used For Undisturbed Observation

Researchers and scientists already use regular-sized drones for observing the environment, especially the wild. However, since those drones are noticeable, it can still disrupt the natural interactions of wildlife.

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Microdrones are less noticeable, and if it’s virtually silent, it can no longer disturb the wild animals, and the observation can continue undisturbed. It can also reach underground habitats like burrows to observe the behavior of the animals that live there.

Final Thoughts

Microdrones have the potential to significantly improve the way people do things like research, security, and inspection. However, it can turn into a deadly weapon that can wreak havoc within the society. Technology is beneficial if we use it, but it can also be detrimental if it falls in the wrong hands.

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