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For many users out there, laptops are the preferred choice of computer. It provides a whole new level of adaptability, portability and they are much easier to handle than desktop computers. However, despite all the benefits that they offer, they are still downsides to using laptops, and one f the biggest issues is the fact that the screen height is often too low for most people. This can often lead to a wide variety of health issues such as eye strain, back pain, neck pain, etc. It is often for this reason that many users who tend to sit at their computers for long hours choose to connect their laptops to bigger external monitors using macbook usb c hub instead.

However, a more practical and affordable solution would be to invest in a laptop stand. These accessories can help improve your work-life by allowing you to raise the screen level of your laptop to a comfortable eye view, which should boost your productivity significantly. Additionally, using one of these stands also benefits your laptop as it not only boosts its performance but also extends its lifespan because it helps increase the amount of airflow in your laptop. This, in turn, helps reduce the risk of overheating problems and keeps it cool throughout the day.

Despite this, it’s a fact that not many people are familiar with these accessories and as a result, they may not know what factors to consider when picking out a laptop stand. As such, we decided to quickly dive into some of the main things you need to watch out for when purchasing one of these stands.

#1. Portability

It’s no secret that as useful as these stands can be, nobody is interested in carrying around something that is too heavy or bulky. In this case, you need to pick a laptop stand that is suitable for remote working and this doesn’t necessarily refer to weight. It has to be able to fold very compactly in size, allowing you to easily fit it in your bag. It must also leave enough room for you to store other portable accessories that you may need like chargers, cables, USB C ethernet hub for secure internet connectivity, etc.

#2. Adjustability

As we mentioned before, the problem with laptops is that they tend to cause a number of back and neck-related problems. This happens often because you are constantly placing your body in an awkward and hunched position for long periods of time and if you don’t have a laptop stand to help alleviate this strain, it could pose a threat to your health and wellbeing. As such, it is important that the laptop stand you purchase offers different adjustable levels of height, which will allow you to set your laptop in a position that makes you feel comfortable.

In fact, many computer and health experts suggest that you should also connect an external keyboard and mouse to allow for more comfortable typing once the laptop is raised. However, since most Macs are limited in the number of available ports, it is suggested that you get yourself the best usb c hub for macbook air, which will allow you to plug in any number of external peripheral that you want without any problems.

#3. Weight

If you are a remote worker, you do not want to deal with a laptop stand that is simply too heavy to carry. As mentioned before, portability is important as you need to be able to fold the stand compactly and conveniently. However, the weight of the stand is just as important as well. If it’s too heavy it could really hurt your back and make your trips quite tiresome. As such, you should always keep an eye on the weight size of the stand, and make sure that it is made using lightweight materials. However, the stand also has to be strong enough to be able to lift your laptop and keep it stationary for extended periods of time. Some are made using soft metals or hard plastics, but not all of them are durable enough to handle the weight in the long term, so keep that in mind as well.

#4. Design

Beyond just getting a laptop stand that can carry your laptop and hold it steadily and securely, you also need one that comes made in a convenient design that not only helps clear space on your workstation but also allows for convenient cable connectivity. Some stands aren’t designed with that in mind, so you need to watch out for those and keep looking till you find one. For instance, Lention’s L1 Model Stand features a convenient cable hole in the back of the stand, which helps to reduce the risk of tangled wires that can often occur if you tend to connect multiple devices to your Mac often.

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Alternatively, you can also always opt to purchase an sd card adapter for mac which should help you plug in multiple devices to your Mac without making a mess of your desk space. Plus, they provide fast data transfer rates, so if you are transferring large files to an external SD Card, for example, you can rest assured there is less risk of your files being corrupted in the process, due to slow speeds.

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