What is Hotknot? Benefits and How to use Hotknot Feature

Here comes Hotknot by Mediatek as the best NFC alternative for Mediatek powered phones. Check Hotknot features, how to guide.

Technology has been developing ever since man has plunged his brain into it. From the very beginning man was the one who brought in innovations because he knew he had to make the things he required. And not only did he make the things he required, he but in a pinch of innovation in it too. That is exactly what happened when people build up cell phones. They were initially those huge ones and now what we have are the android devices and the iPhones. But what is the latest development in the innovation line in the field of new cell phones is the hotknot technology.


This is one thing which is being talked about almost on every website which is up and follows the latest invention. The official release was finally let out by 20th MediaTek of a chip made for high-end smartphones. Chip MT6592 is something that will incorporate the use of Hotknot technology which most probably will be collaborated with Alibaba, and this will bring in new information and technology. Now we all must be wondering what exactly the hotknot technology is. It is the latest development in the field of cell phones and this is one technology which will let you share all sorts of data from one handset to another by simply touching it. This chip has an eight-core platform can transfer data like business cards, photos, videos, audio clips and documents to begin with.

It shares a common link with the NFC technology as both can touch and transfer data, this technology in the latest chip is the actual induction medium, and some light and heavy wires are supplementary when it comes to these transmissions of data between the phones. PayPal functions well with this technology too as the payments and fund transfer can also be done with this technology.

This technology of hot knot without a third party medium would mean that its cost will be lower than thought about. But then it all comes to the chip controlling this whole technology. MTK chip is what features this technology and can be achieved with the addition of it. The follow up of these technologies can also be gained with simple up gradation in the software systems. This upgradation has to be brought in the MTK chips and there are many additions to it too. The additions may also be related to the Ali systems and Tencent micro.

Hotknot Features

  • Easily Send/Receive photos, pictures, videos and other popular supported documents and files
  • Send/Receive game data
  • Can be used for mobile payments just like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Phones using HotKnot

We happen to discover Oppo Yoyo smartphone with Hotknot for the Indonesian market. And there are a huge number of smartphones with a Hotknot facility.

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