Lift Brings World’s First Levitating Charger for Apple Watch & Pebble

Lift is the world’s first levitating charger for Apple Watch and Pebble smartwatch.

While Apple is working with second generation of Apple Watch, which might debut in first quarter of 2017, several companies are still launching accessories for Apple Watch. Designers, Engineers and innovators from Levitation Works have come up with the world’s first and only levitation charger for Apple Watch. Your smartwatch will levitate in mid air once you place it over charging base. This team brings compatibility with popular smartwatches like Apple Watch and Pebbles. And straightway we got to explain you this in a video.

Apart from it’s levitating charging, Lift also includes a small built-in battery and this does the job of a power bank. It can charge your smartwatch on the go, just like the traditional power bank does. According to the listing, the company also says that it can also give an emergency charge to your smartphone.Levitating chargerFurthermore, when the Apple Watch isn’t charging or charging is full, it can transform into beautiful smart lamp.

The Lift Apple Watch charger is currently through Kickstarter round of funding and for early birds backers it costs $149. Estimate delivery is said to be October 2016.


The Lift Wireless charger is compatible with following smartwatches –

  • Apple Watch
  • Apple Watch Sport
  • Apple Watch Edition
  • Apple Watch Hermes Edition
  • Pebble
  • Pebble 2
  • Pebble Time 2
  • Pebble Time
  • Pebble Time Steel
  • Pebble Time Round

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