How to Modify Maverick OS X to Look like Android Environment

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Guide on how to modify Maverick OS X to have an Android alike experience.

Right since its inception in 2007 Android as an OS for mobile platform has been popular for its open-sourced manner of functioning, inviting developers to innovate and come up with tools and applications that push smartphone use to more imaginative levels. During this sojourn the need for tools that can help in desired customization was felt. We now have tools that help user to apply a selected custom theme directly on device in no time. Themer is one such important app.

Developers who build apps, custom ROM, themes and other features aimed at an Android OS environment mostly use build environment that basically refers to a set of components or tool sets and specific directories. This includes JDK- Java development kit, Android SDK, Android source etc.

There are developers however, who prefer using the Apple creation, OS X10.9 Mavericks as build environment for creating custom app, themes or other stuff. Though popularity of OXX10.9 is by far exceeded by Android-based build environments OS X10.9 can be used just as usefully and efficiently for working on the Android environment.

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Mac owners can set up their own build environment in a simple and effective manner using a guide that works specifically on OS X Mavericks. This guide doesn’t show the developer how he can build custom ROM, kernels but it does work when you want to get started on Android development.

Use the link given here to access a step-wise guide for modifying the Maverick OS X to emulate the Android OS environment: LINK

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