Nokia Android Phones 2019

Best Nokia Android Phones 2017 Price List: Complete details on Nokia new phone and list of upcoming Nokia phone list, release date, specifications, and availability info.


Nokia, Finnish multinational company which was one time top company in phones. Both Motorola and Nokia dominated the mobile space until Android came in 2008. Both companies before the smartphones era manufactured most iconic feature phones which are still loved by many fans. In fact among the 10 top selling mobile phones in terms of numbers, 8 phones are from Nokia. Nokia 1100 and Nokia 1110 tops the chart with 250 million units. That was the case where we had featured phones and Symbian topped the list.

HMD Global will continue to innovate Nokia by launching a series of Nokia branded smartphones powered by Android mobile OS. Finally, there are reasons why you should get excited because Nokia Android Phones are here.Nokia Android Phones

Nokia Android Phones:

Nokia Android Phones List

So what’s up for Nokia in 2018? They are making a comeback into the mobile phones market in 2017 and that’s definitely a bad news for rivals. According to leaked document, there will be around 6-7 models by Q2, 2018.

The following are the model’s launched –

Nokia 6.1

Nokia 6 has arrived in the US with the name as Nokia 6.1 and it has all the specs same.

Nokia 6

HMD Global launch of Nokia 6 in China surprised everyone. No one was expecting it so soon. Sadly it’s limited for sale in China only.Nokia 6

Nokia 5

Nokia 5 is yet another Android phone by HMD in making. It’s codenamed as Nokia Heart and it’s going to be an entry-level smartphone. Priced at $120, it will be competing with major OEMs like Xiaomi, Meizu, Samsung, Huawei, ZTE in bringing Nokia phone for all.

Nokia P1

The Nokia P1 is the one which has been in rumors for a long time.

Nokia D1c

The Nokia D1c was expected to launch first but it eventually got delayed.

Upcoming Nokia Android Phone

Upcoming Nokia Phones are –

  • Nokia D1C
  • Nokia C1
  • Nokia P1
  • Nokia E1

And these are the rumored handsets –

  • Nokia 5
  • Nokia 4
  • Nokia 3
  • Nokia 7
  • Nokia 8
  • Nokia 9

The next Nokia Android phone will be announced at Mobile World Congress [MWC 2017]. Maybe at that even they might unveil not one but two or three models.

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Nokia Android Phone Specs

Some of the specifications of Nokia D1C and Nokia P1 were revealed in early leaks. For other devices, it’s hard to confirm what will be they revolving around.

Nokia Android Phone Release Date

All these Nokia’s entry-level, mid-range and high-end smartphones will be released by Q4, 2017. The following time-frame has been suggested for worldwide release –

  • Nokia 6 – Q1, 2017
  • Nokia Edge Release – Q2, 2017
  • Nokia Heart Releasing Date – Q2, 2017
  • Nokia P1 – Q3, 2017
  • Nokia D1C – Q3, 2017
  • Nokia E1 Release Date – Q3, 2017

Nokia Android Phone Price List

The Nokia 6 is priced at 1299 CNY. In US currency its around $188 but that’s actual assumption based on current exchange rates. The actual price of the device when arriving in other countries is different because it doesn’t include customs and import taxes.

The Nokia Heart is expected to be an entry-level handset. So, we are expecting it to be priced nothing more than $120.

Nokia Model Price
Nokia 6 $189
Nokia Heart $119
Nokia Edge Price sub $700
Nokia D1C sub $400
Nokia P1 sub $500

Nokia Android Phone Availability

It will be available in major countries across the world. It will be available by 2017. Keep following the Nokia Facebook page.