Best Selling Mobile Phones in the World Ever – 13 Phones in 100 Million Club

Best Selling Mobile Phones: We look at phone through history as we list down most selling phones ever and the list of phones with 100 million sales record.

These days, touchscreen smartphone is dominating but if you look at the top-selling phones in the world until now, you will be quite surprised. It’s hard to believe that these touchscreen smartphones are nowhere near the top 10. Infact all time top 10 most sold phone is dominated by Nokia [Nokia has top 6 selling phones and out of top 10, 7 are from Nokia brand itself], a brand which is struggled since the debut of Android in 2009. It’s only now that HMD Global, a company formed by former Nokia employees has backed Nokia Android smartphones.

best selling mobile phones

Here we go through the best selling mobile phones ever and we have got 10 of them.

Best Selling Mobile phones:

The following are the best selling mobiles phones worldwide, until now –

  1. Nokia 1100 – 250 million units sold
  2. Nokia 1110 – 250 million units sold
  3. Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus – 220 million units sold(combined)
  4. Nokia 3210 – 160 million units sold
  5. Nokia 1200 – 150 million units sold
  6. Nokia 5230 – 150 million units sold
  7. Nokia 6600 – 150 million units sold
  8. Samsung E1100 – 150 million units sold
  9. Motorola Razr V3 – 130 million units sold
  10. Nokia 2600 – 135 million units sold
  11. Nokia 1600 – 130 million units sold
  12. Nokia 3310 – 126 million units sold
  13. Nokia 1208 – 100 million units sold

Note: We extended the list to include a total of top 13 phones in the world.

Facts & Figures

The above list might look simple to you, but it has a lot of things to say. Here are some of the facts and figures regarding the top selling mobile phones ever in the history –

No Android Phone in the List

First and the foremost thing you will notice that there is not even a single Android phone makes it to the list here.

Android might be running on more than 90% of smartphones sold right now, but history books suggest something else.

iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Combined gets close to #1

Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus join the 100 million phones club as they are ranked #4 in terms of overall phones sold. In fact, it’s the first touchscreen phone and first phone since 2010 after era to get into the top 10. The iPhone 6/6 Plus still has a chance to make it to #1 spot in the list as it’s still sold in the market.

Samsung – An inch Closer

Samsung with Galaxy S4 is the most popular Samsung Android phones with 80 million units sold worldwide until now. But that also doesn’t help Samsung or Android to break into top 13.

None of them are officially available

If you are looking to purchase any of those top 10 handsets, then I am really sorry because all of them are discontinued by respective OEM’s. You can still get an iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

No phones until 2030 to Disturb the List

Until 2030, we believe it’s hard for any phone model to break this unique record of Nokia. By 2030, the world population will reach 8.5 billion, as reported by United Nations and chances that iPhone [if exists] will break this record.

Top Selling SmartPhones:

Here is the list of top selling smartphones which includes Android, iOS, Windows and other OS handsets –

  1. Apple iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus – 220 millions units sold
  2. Samsung Galaxy S4 – 80 million units sold
  3. Apple iPhone 5 – 70 million units sold
  4. iPhone 4s – 60 million units sold
  5. Samsung Galaxy S3 – 60 million units sold
  6. Apple iPhone 5s – 52 million units sold
  7. Apple iPhone 4 – 50 million units sold
  8. Samsung Galaxy S2 – 40 million units sold
  9. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – 38 million units sold
  10. iPhone 3GS – 35 million units sold

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