7 Reasons why iPhone Still Beats Android

iPhone beat Android: Recently there have been numerous releases of many phones operating on Android software but we see fewer iPhone models launched. There has been a high surge-on the number of Android-based phones being released in India, Philippines, and China. Most of them being released today are capable of giving high-end phones a run for their money, all thanks to the incredible features they possess. I have nothing against the Android phones but I still gravitate more towards Apple’s iPhone. And my reason for this is not just based on a fad. The Cupertino-based company only makes a limited number of iPhone models a year but their devices definitely become a standout. Unlike many Android phones which are launched today and forgotten a week after, iPhone model names are remembered for years. People here in India still think of buying iPhone 4S which is 5 years old device now.

Apple vs Android

There are actually severally reasons why the iPhone still beats Android and why it has been people’s choice, let us give you some reasons –

Luscious Looks

Most of the Android phones bear a cheap and plastic look to make it available at a cheaper price. For me it’s not just the internal specs but also how a phone looks on the exterior is important. When I hold an iPhone, I can actually feel what luxury is all about. iPhone 6S sports a 3D touch display which senses pressure and lets you take actions swiftly. The best part about this feature is that no Android phone maker can duplicate it.


With the number of transactions being done via smartphone and the huge amount of data being stored on it, security has become a major issue. Although many Android phones being launched today now have a fingerprint sensor, security is much more than that. Additionally, the fingerprint sensor equipped in iPhone’s is unbeatable. If this reason alone has tempted you to purchase an iPhone, check out the newest smartphones offers to buy it at the best deal.

Incredible Camera

With the number of mega pixels is increased in recently launched Android phones, you may feel that you are getting access to the best camera quality. But the actual fact is far from being a truth. iPhone cameras have a solid reputation of capturing clear and sharp images with almost accurate colors. iPhone 6s and iPhone Plus got major upgrades, especially in the camera department. They have a sharper 12 megapixel camera with a 4K upgrade. That’s not all! The face time HD also has a new retina flash feature that helps in increasing the brightness of the screen to double up as flash. How awesome is that!

Latest Operating System Updates

Newsflash, Android fanatics! Even you know that when a new operating system update is released, the first one to get access to the update is the iPhone. Android based phones don’t even have a guarantee on whether or not they will receive the OS update. For example, take the case of last year announced Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It’s almost a year now and time for the upcoming Android 7.0 official launch and still less than 10% of devices are on the newest version.

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Access to the Malware Free Apps

Although Play Store has the largest collection of Apps ever, most of the apps are malicious, full of malware and spyware. Several times we get in the news that millions of Android phones are infected with spyware, malware, trojans and other security breaches.

It is a widely known fact that the iPhone is the first one to receive the best apps. It’s because the app approval process is very rigid and tough. One can never forget the plight of Android users who got access to Instagram almost two years of its launch. Add to it the developers who make the finest apps.

Consistency & Longevity

Have you ever noticed that how the two same smartphones belonging to two different people can actually perform differently? I have seen umpteen cases like these. With Android phones, one can never have a warranty on the performance. But with an iPhone, that’s possible because there is only one manufacturer. So when you opt for an iPhone, you can be assured of purchasing the best quality. That directly means that you get the best bang for your buck.

And once you have purchased an iPhone, you will not have to look further for next three to four years. Cheaper Android phones don’t even last for two years, the reason – OEM manufactures parts at cheaper rates to make it available at a cheaper price and hence with aging these products gives one or the other problem.

Unmatched Customer Support

If you have never visited an Apple customer care support, you definitely need to! You will be blown away by their services and also to notice how willing the people are there to help you learn the features. Interesting on that – Apple has started product Support on Twitter officially. If you want a repairing done on your Android phone, you have to visit a service center but you can bet on the fact that you won’t have the same experience. To give out my experience, definitely on the bad side of Android-based phone although it’s OEM side problem, once I visited Motorola service center for Moto E speaker replacement. The replacement unit wasn’t available in stock and they took 15 days to do it. For that brief time, I was without any phone.

Since limited iPhone models are released a year, Apple Service Centers have to just keep a stock of limited stock inventory items for replacement.

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