LYF PC Suite or Jio Phone PC Suite – An Alternative PC Software Download

LYF PC Suite; Jio Phone PC Suite

JIO Phone PC Suite Download: Download LYF PC Suite the alternative PC software for all the LYF smartphones. It’s also called as jio phone PC suite.

Reliance with the launch of new JIO 4G services in India has come up with smartphones with the LYF brand. Currently, they are offering a free 4G SIM card to everyone with 3 months of free 4G data. If you have purchased Reliance LYF smartphones, then you might need to have USB Drivers in order to connect to PC and if you need LYF PC software then here we have provided all the details.

LYF PC Suite

Officially there is no LYF PC Suite available for any of the LYF smartphones. That doesn’t end the discussion here as there are other third-party PC Suites available as well. So, don’t worry even if there isn’t any official PC suite, you can go ahead with the PC suite that we have mentioned below.

Just like LYF smartphones, there are also other OEM’s which doesn’t have an official PC Suite. Actually, a PC Suite isn’t required but if it’s there then the work for you will be a lot easier. Samsung, Sony, and Nokia still have PC software and they are compatible with the companies respective phones.

If you need PC software for LYF phone, then we recommend you to download MoboRobo which allows you to do all the basic computer operations.


  • Transfer contacts easily which mean switching to a new phone got a lot easier
  • Organize music, photos, videos, and messages easily
  • Easily backup data and restore it
  • Get Free apps directly on your mobile from MoboMarket
  • There is also an Android app available as well.

Download MoboRobo for PC

Download MoboRobo for Android

So just download the above PC software, connect your phone to PC and you are ready to make use of MoboRobo features.

Supported Handsets

  • All LYF Water phones
  • All LYF Earth phones
  • All LYF Flame Phones
  • Other LYF phones

This also supports Jio Phone 2 and JioPhone 3 too.

Know about Reliance JIO Prime Membership plan

So this PC suite serves as the LYF Water PC Software, all LYF Earth PC Suite, and other LYF smartphones sold by Reliance.

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