Revamped Apple Music in Cart for WWDC 2016

Apple Music

Apple’s year’s biggest Developer Conference i.e., Worldwide Developers Conference [WWDC] is happening on June 13, 2016 and during the keynotes the Cupertino tech giant has plans to make it as biggest WWDC event ever held. Big changes are expected at this event as we may hear about revamped and completely new makeover to Apple Music streaming services which a year old now.

from BGR says that Apple Music has great collection of music and he gets it whenever he needs but he still struggles to find out Settings and Menu options due to cumbersome UI. Read More

Following the Beats acquisition, just like Chris, many users have complained of Apple’s streaming services after acquisition from Beats last year but Apple is slow to respond. Late but atleast they get things right and in order to attract more customers to Apple Music paid subscriptions, the most valuable brand of world has hired atleast 1000 employees to overhaul Apple Music and iTunes. Apple Music currently has more than 13 million subscribers and they want to expand it further.

And to everyone’s surprise, as reported by 9to5Mac, Apple Music Connect service, which linked artists with their fans will be demoted in iOS 10. Instead of showing on Music page, it will be available for access from your page or settings page or something similar.

Apart from other changes to Apple Music, we have New Macbook Pro, Apple Watch 2, iOS 10, WatchOS3, new tvOS in tow. You can live WWDC live streaming from your Apple Devices. I am just waiting for that, are you?

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