Schedule SMS, Tweets, Facebook & Mails Using Schemes-Scheduled Networking Android App

Scheduled Messaging Android

Scheduling of mail in GMail is possible thanks to Bloomberg but how will schedule Twitter tweets or Facebook status update while you are enjoying your vacation? Combining the Bloomberg capabilities and introducing scheduling of messages across social platforms is been brought to your Android phone.

Schemes – Scheduled Networking is an Android app allows any Android phone owners to schedule SMS, Twitter or Email at a predefined time period. So it can be wishing happy birthday to a known circle at mid-night or tweet about your favorite time of the day or letting other know about the time-framed Facebook contest, all is possible thanks to Schemes tool.

With clean Holo user interface, an application is light weighted and doesn’t consume much battery life or space. So this means that you can run on any Android phone with 256 MB RAM or 512 MB RAM but 1 GB and 2G phones have a better advantage, as everyone knows of it. While this app has officially made it to Play Store listing and very early it might show you some errors, issues while working on and other bugs. They can alternatively download APK or wait for few days.

This includes following features –

  • Send scheduled SMS, Facebook statuses, Tweets or Emails from your phone
  • Clean Holo user interface
  • Notifications on sending
  • All messages are added to their respective threads in the Messaging app
  • Cancelable messages
  • Safe and secure

App Download | APK File

While Schemes tool is listed as an Android app officially for download via Google Play Store, it’s will soon be available for download as APK for those phones unable to install it.

Download Schemes Android app

Download schemes APK

Android App Rating – 4.75 / 5

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