How to Toggle Geotagging on iOS – iPhone, iPad

Geotagging any photo is the process of tracking the latitude and longitude of the location of the photo that is mentioned in the details. This article is about toggling the Geotagging facility on or off because iOS 7.1 can track down locations automatically.

Toggle Geotagging on iOS 7.1

As the iPhone iOS 7.1 comes with smart Geotagging facilities that enable automatic location tracking of the photos you took with the camera on the phone and also sharing of all the information with other applications synced on the device. You can find a place tab under the Photos app where you tag your photos with the location. There you can see a small red-colored pin that serves the purpose of grouping all photos under the same location together so that you can see them all one after the other. This helps to view similar photographs, for example, vacation photographs in an organized manner.

Sometimes the location tracking is not on so you need to enable the Geotagging option. Sometimes you also need to turn the Geotaggingoff when you don’t want the whole world to know where you are. So you need to make sure that Geotagging is enabled when you want to share your location and disabled when you want your share of privacy and here is how you can do it for both, enabling and disabling it:

  • On your iPhone go to ‘Settings’. iPhone Settings
  • Go to ‘Privacy’.
  • Click on ‘Location Services’.
  • Toggle the camera in ‘On’ or ‘Off’ position for each app.


Here are some keys to understand what stands for what:

  • Purple icon for apps that recently used your live location.
  • Gray icon for any app that used your location in the last 24 hours.
  • Outlined icon for any item using Geofence.

Compatibility: iPhone 5S, 5C, iPhone 5, iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPod Touch & other iOS 7.1 running devices.

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