Apple Watch Charged With Stealing Biometric Sensor Technology

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Apple is now charged with patent infringement, breaching the contract and stealing Biometric Sensor technology, for the use in Apple Watch.

Apple amid growing popularity is hit back by lawsuit. In 2015 many lawsuit hit the headlines with Wi-Fi Assist Data a data guzzling feature on iOS 9 made many people to file lawsuit and a pair of Florida residents suing company over shrinking storage space on 16 GB iDevices. People until now sued Apple on iPhone and iPad but for the first time in the matter of corporate, North Carolina based Valencell a Biometric sensor company has filed a lawsuit against the Cupertino tech giant.

According to the lawsuit, Apple is accused of breaching the contract, patent infringement and deceptive trade practices with the company before the launch of Apple Watch.

Before the launch of Apple Watch, Cupertino based tech giant has expressed interest in Valencell’s PerformTek heart rate sensor technology and they approached the company to incorporated heart rate sensor into Apple Watch for providing wrist-based heart rate-sensing technology.

Apple did not have an intention of licensing Valencell’s PerformTek Technology. Instead, Apple’s interaction with Valencell was fueled by a business decision that the benefits of infringing upon Valencell’s patented technology outweigh the risk of being caught and ultimately forced to pay damages. This practice is consistent with the statement by Apple CEO Steve Jobs that Apple has “always been shameless about stealing great ideas.”

Source : MacRumors

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