Blu Android Nougat Update Schedule – Qualifying Devices for Android 7/7.1 OTA

Blu Android Nougat Update

BLU Nougat Update: Just like Samsung, Motorola, we go through the list of Blu Android Nougat 7.0 update eligible smartphones and ETA.

Blu Products is one of the fastest growing prepaid smartphone OEM in United States. One of the main reason for Blu Cell Phones success is their budget smartphone are available at very competitive prices. Just look at Blu R1 HD, which is retailing at just $99.99 and offer impressive specifications. It’s also available as an Amazon Prime device for just $49.99. Just like that we have Blu Energy XL providing three days of usage time. As there is new Android version in town, we go through the list of Blu Android Nougat 7.0/7.1 update eligible smartphones and their update availability info.

Blu Android Nougat Update

Just now we see that Blu coming out with a smartphone that is powered by Android 6.0 Marshmallow. For your info, there is Android 7.0 Nougat already announced and even Android 7.1 is out as well. So here we have compiled the list of Blu Nougat 7.1 eligible phones and tablets and ETA when these devices will be receiving the update. However this doesn’t happen to be the official list, as this is based on our expectations and reference websites.

So, here is the list –

Phone Model

Update Status
Expect Release Dates
Blu Life One X2 Yes Q1, 2017
Blu Vivo 5R No N/A
Blu Pure XR No N/A
Blu Studio G2 No N/A
Blu Energy XL No N/A
Blu R1 Plus No N/A
Blu R1 HD No N/A
Blu Grand 5.5 No N/A
Blu Life One X 2016 No N/A
Blu Vivo 5 No N/A
Blu Life Mark No N/A
Blu Vivo XL No N/A
Blu Energy X LTE No N/A
Blu Vivo Air No N/A
Blu Studio G No N/A
Blu Studio X Plus No N/A
Blu Studio X No N/A
Blu Life One XL No N/A
Blu Life One (2nd Gen) No N/A
Blu Studio Energy No N/A
Blu Studio 7.0 HD No N/A
Blu Life Play X No N/A
Blu Life One X No N/A
Blu Life Pure XL No N/A
Blu Life One M No N/A
Blu Life Pure No N/A
Blu Life Play No N/A
Blu Life View No N/A
Blu Life One No N/A
Blu Studio Energy No N/A

Blu Life One X2 Nougat Update

The Blu Life One X2 is certain from our side to get the Android 7.0 Nougat. We will let you know once when the OTA update starts roll out and possibly it could happen early next year.

Expected Roll out in Q1, 2017

Blu R1 Plus Nougat Update

The Blu R1 Plus smartphone might be receiving the Android Nougat update but we would wait for official confirmation.

Blu R1 HD Nougat Update

Officially there will not be any software upgrade to Blu R1 HD, but unofficially there will be Android Nougat based custom ROMs will be ported. Time for XDA to bring in some creativity.

So, right there as the table says, currently there is not even one handset eligible for the Android Nougat update. We might see one or two of them getting through in Q4, 2016.

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