How to Enable VoLTE on Apple iPhone

VoLTE on Apple iPhone

iPhone 6 and 6+ users are enjoying now the services offered by VoLTE which has earned a lot of popularity in the recent past few days. This app is supported now by Verizon which will be soon joined by some other carriers as the hopes run through the market. Until now LG G82 and Samsung Galaxy S10 were only the devices enjoying the Verizon VoLTE but as the latest iPhone model is launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus join the list and the following guide explains how to enable VoLTE on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

VoLTE on Apple iPhone

If your iPhone device has got VoLTE, it will assist you to enjoy much better clarity and quality incall services. At the same time, users will be also capable of making calls while surfing or accessing data as LTE/data network will route these callings from your phone.

This app, VoLTE has been introduced by Verizon as an initiative Advanced Calling 1.0 but to our dismay, this very service has been restricted for just iPhone and iPhone 6+.

Steps to enable VoLTE on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus –

  1. To start the process of enabling VoLTE in the iPhone, you will have to enable Advanced Calling 1.0 in the Verizon Wireless account which is really mandatory. It should be remembered here that you won’t be capable of enabling VoLTE without enabling this very service on iPhone.
  2. After this step, you need to log into a personal ‘Verizon Wireless Account’.
  3. Just visit ‘Manage My Account’.
  4. You will then have to tap on the ‘Change Features’
  5. You should then enable ‘Advanced Calling 1.0 and HD Voice’ mode which will be found after scrolling down in the menu.

You should also ensure here that your phone is securely connected to Verizon LTE Network and is activated.

  1. After you have enabled Advanced Calling 1.0, you should now open the Settings
  2. Thereafter, you should tap on Cellular
  3. You will find here LTE Network mentioned on your screen. However, if you do not find any such notification then it simply means that LTE is not activated or enabled in your iPhone or carrier.
  4. This option of Enable LTE should be set in Voice and Data mode which remains in Data mode by default.

Check Verizon VoLTE Features

It will take a few minutes to get enabled and after this, you will enjoy clear calls and be able to access data while making calls.

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